Züco is a Swiss furniture brand that belongs to the Dauphin Group. Working for almost 100 years in Rebstein, Züco offers a portfolio of upholstered furniture that will delight anyone. With a variety of different families of chairs, you are therefore able to create differentiated spaces according to the interior design and your needs without compromising on quality, design and functionality.

The company prides itself in offering values that have been defined since the beginning of the company. These values include a focus on precision and design offering a range of products that were developed with a dedication and attention to detail and to your needs as a user.

The craftsmanship, the skills and the attention to details, allows the company to create unique pieces that are not only elegant and sophisticated but also highly functional and practical. The design is also one of the main focus of the brand, creating executive chairs that would elevate any office or commercial area to a new level. This is due to the materials the brand uses, as it is an expert with leatherwork. This expertise has been a strength from the company since its humble beginnings allowing them to work nowadays with quality materials that are crucial for the product durability.

Different from any other furniture brand, Züco is proud to offer a range of products that are developed with care and attention. Its experienced employees understand how to work with the finest materials, sewing each individual part to its highest purpose and durability. Once each part is brought together, a design piece is created with the ergonomic features you look for in order to allow you to have a better performance throughout the working day.

Züco is a company that will develop each single product with a unique attention to detail, ensuring its timeless durability and performance.



In 1921, a young man called Karl Zünd decided to create his own furniture company in Rebstein, Switzerland. He set himself on this adventure creating incredible pieces of upholstered furniture, bed ware, leather goods, sports articles and saddles for horses. What all of these products had in common was his passion and craftsmanship, which allowed him to have continuous demand throughout the years.

Sticking to his values and philosophy, the company continued growing, becoming one of the largest companies in Rebstein. With its continuous success, the family introduced a new brand named Züco. Züco offered a range of high quality executive chairs with a focus on design and craftsmanship.

The company continued as a family business until 1988, when Zund’s sons sold their fathers business to Lista, an office furniture manufacturer based in Amriswill. Unfortunately, in 1990 the whole world was going through recession, and Lista was badly affected by this. The company went through a reorganization and sold Züco in 1998 to one of the biggest furniture companies in the industry, Dauphin HumanDesign Group.

Since then, Züco has grown tremendously, benefiting from the other brands within the Group. Züco is now part of a wider range of solutions that work together to offer high quality products focused on the consumer and its settings. It has now reached an international market and is well recognized by its portfolio of unique and elegant working chairs.



Züco is known for its quality designs. This is achieve not only by its aesthetics but also by the materials chosen for each product. The decades of experience that the brand has in working with leather and exclusive fabrics and materials allows them to create exquisite pieces of art, which offer a unique comfort and durability. The range of materials used by the brand vary between wood, metal, contrasting zips, unusual fabrics and lacquered finishes enhancing the products and their shape and colour.


Quality and Comfortability

Although the company has suffered many changes throughout the years, it still stands for the same mission and values: to create sophisticated and comfortable chairs with the highest quality.

Since the company was established in 1921, one of its differential features was the quality, comfort of each product and the craftsmanship used in the development of each chair. This is still one of the foundations of Züco, manufacturing chairs according to the best traditional craftsmanship from Rebstein.

These qualities allow Züco’s portfolio to distinguish itself from the rest of the competition. Unique and honest designs developed with passion and care by Züco’s expert employees.


About the Dauphin Group

The Dauphin HumanDesign Group is a company that offers an expertise and craftsmanship in the development of products focused on the human body and its needs. This expertise is showcased on the different functionalities and ergonomic features that each product has, elevating its potential due to the increase in comfortability and performance.

In order to assist you better, the group offers a variety of solutions for different areas allowing you to cater the products to your specific needs. These areas vary between lounge spaces, hospitality, public spaces, healthcare environment, residential and commercial areas. This complete solution varies between design, price range and functionalities without compromising on quality or performance. These solutions are offered by the other brands of the group such as Trend Office, Dauphin and Bosse.

The Dauphin HumanDesign Group is therefore a company that creates solutions for working and living environments for human beings. These environments are designed ergonomically with organized solutions for working and living spaces.

Come and uncover this incredible universe of products that will elevate your space with its variety of modern designs and ergonomic features.