Verpan is a leader in the Danish design tradition, offering a range of unique, modern and functional furniture, which includes Verner Panton’s designs. This dedication to its traditional roots has allowed the company to put Denmark in the map for high quality and timeless designs.

The company started the production of lighting in 2003 and added the furniture range in 2010. This includes the incredible designs of Verner Panton, which are recognized worldwide due to its aesthetics and functionality. These products have a design that bring value into the visual world around us with its light, movement, grace, sounds, elegance and colour.

Verner Panton’s designs have amazed the world with the incredible creativity and innovation. The visions and ideas the designer brought to its work are remarkable, making him a true pioneer and rebel in the world of lighting and furniture design. Once you add one of his pieces to a space, it immediately transforms and elevates its simplicity. The dedication and attention to detail brought to each product by Verpan adds a certainty of its timeless use and functionality granting a durability and quality that is unique to the brand.

Nowadays, Verpan is expanding its product portfolio from the Verner Panton range adding new types of furniture and rugs that have been kept in the designers’ archives. This will bring to life new design pieces that will definitely amaze anyone who experiences it. They are a mixed of classic and visionary designs that will create a special impact in any space, upgrading your experience and its surroundings.

This is the purpose and mission of Verpan, to create and upgrade spaces, people and experiences with its design pieces. Although the brand is known for its incredible Verner Panton products, its true mantra is to offer exquisite service, quality and attention to detail. The range of products is the ultimate creation to all its clients around the world with the guarantee that these will create a sophisticated impact in everyone’s lives.


Verpan Philosophy

Verpan has become well known in Denmark and around the world by Verner Panton’s designs. These are a statement of modern design and high functionality. Although this is true, the success of the brand has also been possible due to the close partnership with Marianne Panton and her family.

The brands’ mission has been, since its beginning, to manufacture products according to the Verner Panton’s principles: to create a combination between quality and originality. Because of this, Verpan has been developing and manufacturing lighting and furniture respecting the designer’s philosophy.

The collection from Verpan is a beautiful portfolio of universal and timeless pieces that will complement and elevate any space. The brands’ purpose is to continue adding these designs with the same mission for the coming years, dedicating its production to you and your space.


An eternal classic design for the modern days

Verpan is a Danish company that is part of the Frandsen Group. Its mission is to manufacture design classics by Verner Panton following his visions and philosophy. Recognize worldwide, the Paton’s designs are true design classics that offer an exceptional, exciting and modern collection.

As a true revolutionary, Verner Panton was able to create masterpieces, which are now manufactured by Verpan. The brand develops these with great care in regards to quality and originality; adding its signature in every piece, they make. Initially the brand was dedicated in producing the famous lamps following the original principles of Verner Panton. With its continuous success, the brand has started adding the classic furniture and rugs from Panton creating a fantastic collection that will brighten any room.

The first piece of design from Panton that Verpan started creating was the “Fun Lamp”, in 1964. This is a simple light source, which is incredibly versatile. It creates a calming sound that resembles distant chime, which invades the room with peacefulness. With its numerous mother of pearl elements, this piece of art will not only brighten your space with its magnificent design but also bring out all your senses when using it.

According to the Verpan manager, Peter Frandsen “It is incredible to experience how these old, visionary designs still vitalise a room and immediately upgrade a surrounding today”. He then adds, “That is exactly what it is about for us: Modernising and enriching rooms, places, people and experiences. This is the reason why Verpan doesn’t only produce the most beautiful Verner Panton products, but is also known for exquisite service and a love of detail.”


About the Verner Panton

Born on the 13th of February 1926 in Denmark, Verner Panton is considered one of the most influential 20th century furniture and interior designer. With an incredible architectural background, Verner started his own design and architectural office at an early age. He was known for his innovative architectural proposals such as the collapsible house (1955), the cardboard house and the plastic house (1960).

By the end of the 1950’s, he started to design chairs, which had a very unconventional design (with no legs or discernible back). His pieces started gaining fame and in 1960, he was the first designer to create a single-form injection-moulded plastic chair – the stacking chair or S chair. This would later become his most famous and mass-produced design.

The following years saw Verner experimenting with some radical and psychedelic interior designs, which would match his curved furniture, and some innovations with wall upholstering, textiles and lighting.

He is considered a genius who created some innovative and futuristic designs with a variety of materials, special plastics and vibrant colours. Come and uncover this incredible collection of his masterpieces with us.