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The younger the people, the more dynamic must be the chair. Trend Office is a producer of ergonomic office chairs that move with the body in any situation whatsoever.
Trend Office is part of the group Dauphin – a furniture producer founded in 1969. The brand has a clear focus on quality and modern and sophisticated design. Besides, the prices are quite accessible for people who are looking for a solution to sit a great number of people.

Knowing that young adults constitute a major part of today’s companies and about the investment that they receive in order to evolve within the company, this is the group of people Trend Office is aiming to achieve. One could think that younger people might just use the same type of office chair than any other person. However, the question is that they bring a energy boost to the office.
The dynamic workflow of young adult co-workers has consequences on the amount of movement they do during the day – which is a lot. Therefore, ergonomic office chairs produced with freer movement in mind will provide more comfort and back-spine support.


Ergonomic office chairs and other solutions in Trend Office’s portfolio

The german brand truly understands the needs of each person in order to create solutions that enhance performance and comfort of every co-worker. The Trend Office’s portfolio therefore consists in ergonomic solutions of office chairs. These chairs help maintain a healthier body posture during the hours in which one sits still.

From working chairs to collaborative seating solutions, anyone of the brand’s products will provide immediate comfort. Besides the high ergonomic performance, these solutions guarantee easy usage and still have a simple, but lively design.

Trend Office offers, thereby, a homogeneous collection of products. The working chairs, the visit chairs and high stools have identical characteristics that work together along the office space.

With this brand you will have an ergonomic office chair solution for any environment and usage. This is a modular, individual and complementary system with a sublime design, a unique approach to functionality and dedication to sustainability.

High performance

In order to support the sagacious younger co-workers, the ergonomic office chairs from Trend Office follow up the endless energy of these people. With distinct working methods and really interested in cooperating with their professional colleagues, the younger collaborators need chairs that assist them in constant and rapid change of position – from standing to seating and vice-versa.

Their energy is contagious and so must be their confort.

The base, the cushion and the backrest of Trend Office ergonomic office chairs are characterized by a wide range of functions.These functionalities offer an adjustment of the seat in its depth, height adjustment, backrest adjustment inclination, multifunctional and adjustable armrest and, most importantly, lumbar support.

In that way, one can say that these are body positive chairs. All the functions can be adapted to every body type and follow up all the user movements throughout the day. The fact that they can be adjusted to the last detail makes them be even more comfortable for those who use them in a regular basis.

The Trend Office’s ergonomic office chairs have three different mechanisms easy to use. These are elements that make able for the chair to adapt completely to the user’s body. These mechanisms are equally beneficial for situations where exists a system of shared office desks – as it is the case of call centers, for instance. Therefore, one can easily change and transform the chair in order to have more comfort and, consequently, a better performance.

The mechanisms can vary between Syncro-Relax-Automatic, Syncro-Quickshift and Syncro-Automatic.

The synchronized system Syncro-Relax-Automatic does not have any manual adjustments. The chair adapts itself automatically given the weight of the user. To provide a quick adjustment of the backrest inclination, the Syncro-Quickshift works by counterpressure means and and enables an harmonious movement. It can also be blocked on four different positions. The Syncro-Automatic system makes an automatic adjustment possible in order to provide a controlled reclining.


Sustainability focused chairs

All the manufacturing process and the chosen materials have a clear focus on environmental sustainability. in order to have all the products with the minimum impact on the environment, the brand choose specific materials and the whole manufacturing process have a low waste approach.

For what is relatable to the material, none of these have toxic or dangerous substances. Therefore, the Trend Office ergonomic office chairs do not contain PVC, Chrome VI, Mercury, CFC and CHC in its composition.

By paying a special attention in the choice of materials, the lifetime of the chairs is also longer. Besides, every piece of the chair can be easily substituted, which significantly reduce the quantity of materials needed but also avoids the total substitution of the chair.

The wasted generated during the manufacturing process is also separated so it can be later recycled. The german brand has its own sort out waste system in order to recycle most of the trash in a adequate way.

By keeping in mind the environmental sustainability, Trend Office is a EMAS and DIN EN ISSO 14001 certified brand.


About Dauphin Group

Trend Office is one of the many brands that are part of the Dauphin HumanDesign Group.

Dauphin HumanDesign has an extended portfolio of solutions for the most diverse spaces. By being composed by countless brands, the Dauphin products can be used in lounge, retail, industrial areas and also health facilities. for each one of these areas and for each one of the users there is a chair or another piece of furniture that fits perfectly. Specialized brands as Trend Office, Dauphin, Zuco and Bosse guarantee that the high quality patterns persist over time.

The broad product offer is due to the years of knowledge and experience in the development of products focused in the behaviour of the individuals and having in mind the health problems a bad posture can bring.

The Dauphin Group is, in that way, a universe of specialized solutions – like ergonomic office chairs – produced for a specific space and a specific type of user. Thereby, it can be guaranteed that the needs of the users are suppressed due to comfort, quality, functionality, design and ergonomics.