Trend Office

Trend Office is a German furniture brand that belongs to Dauphin group, founded in 1969. The brand focuses on offering a quality portfolio with a modern and sophisticated design and very affordable prices in order to offer a solution for a larger market segment.

Trend Office portfolio offers varied solutions of ergonomic chairs to help you have better posture and increasing comfort during working hours. With a detailed market analysis the brand understands the needs of each customer in order to create solutions that elevate your comfort and performance without giving up elegance and sophistication. This is how a set of varied and innovative mechanisms developed to think of your wellbeing, elevate a collection of chairs that will uplift any space due to performance, usability and elegant and simplistic design.

Trend Office offers a collection of ergonomic work chairs and work benches with a design that complements perfectly. Each of them is developed with identical features and finishes, unique and sophisticated details and a modern minimalistic design. You can create spaces that are visually appealing while guaranteeing comfort.

With Trend office you will have a solution of chairs for any environment and need. A modular, individual and complementary system with sublime design, unique functionality and a dedication on sustainability.


Ergonomic Solutions

Trend Office is a brand that offers a variety of ergonomic solutions of work space chairs. Easy to use, these chairs are perfect for you and your space.


Designed for you

It is more important than ever to have the ability to adapt to the different society and customers’ needs. This adaptation is even more important in the work space which is constantly changing and evolving. For that reason Trend Office creates solutions that meet the needs of everyone, both individually and groups.

The base, seat and back of Trend Office chairs offer a variety of features. These features include a seat adjustment (in depth), an adjustment on the back slope, adjustable arms, lumbar support and multifunctional arms.

This enables you to accommodate each of the chairs to suit your needs and comfort. This is how the chairs become even more individualized and exceptional.


Easy mechanisms

Trend Office chairs offer three different user-friendly mechanisms that allows you to adapt the chair to your body. These mechanisms are also ideal for workers that share the same desks (as in the case of call centers) because you can change and transform the chair easily, for greater comfort and better performance.

These mechanisms range from Syncro-Relax-Automatic mechanism, Syncro-Quickshift mechanism and Syncro-Automatic mechanism.

Syncro-Relax Automatic Mechanism

This type of mechanism works with the weight of each user automatically. So, it is immediately felt an adaptation of the chair itself to each person without the need for buttons or manual adjustments. There is also the possibility of bringing the back support forward to follow your movements, adjusting the depth of the seat and the integration of the slope of the back of the chair.


Syncro-Quickshift Mechanism

The syncro-quicksift mechanism allows quick adjustment of backrest counterpressure. This way, the chair offers a synchronized and harmonious movement during its use. This movement can still be blocked in 4 different positions depending on the activities you are developing. You can also adjust the depth of your seat according to size.


Syncro-Automatic Mechanism

The syncro-automatic mechanism offers an automatic back-pressure adjustment controlled by your weight. It helps achieve a harmonious and synchronized movement of the back and an inclination that can be locked in three positions.


Dedication to the Environment

Production and Waste Management

The company takes pride in focusing on the environment throughout its production process. The environmental management certification follows the requirements of EMAS and DIN EN ISO 14001.

The waste found in the production process is also separated so it can be recycled. There is a system of waste separation in order to be able to recycle as much as possible and appropriately.

The speed-o chair has been developed to minimize wasted parts, energy consumption and environmental impact.



Likely to the production process, materials are developed and chosen to provide the least impact on the environment, free of hazardous substances (without PVC, chrome VI and mercury).

With the care and attention provided to choose materials, the life cycle of each product is much higher. The pieces of each product can still be replaced easily without the need for changing the product entirely. The foam used in the seat of the chairs is also free of CFC and CHC.


Trend Office Chairs


Speed-o chair is considered a favorite from the entire collection. This chair offers a modern and elegant design with different backrest fits. It features a membrane, a mesh material and upholstered backrest.

The speed-o chair also offers a variety of ergonomic options that include an automatic synchronization mechanism through weight, and an individual and sublime design. It is very easy to assemble without tools. The materials used are 99% recycled.



This chair offers unique versatility. My-self work chairs guarantee an ideal posture thanks to their automatic weight adjustment. The dynamic and synchronized movement adapts to different body sizes being ideal for all highs. Whenever you sit in my-self chair you will feel support, and will help elevate your performance and posture.

Its design versatility with a variety of backrest options make the chair even more desirable, and can be configured to suit your preferences and style of your space.



A delicate and breathable design elevating the ergonomics of dat-o chair. The minimalist lines of this chair will bring a more urban and industrial style to your space, offering a delicate and unique sophistication.

The backrest provides an inclination up to 128º, allowing you to relax while ensuring the support needed. Its ergonomic options include adjustable lumbar support, tilt adjustment, depth and multifunctional armrests.



Sim-o chair is a classic reinvention with modern functionalities. With a very attractive price, this chair offers a variety of features that range from the syncro-quickshift or syncro-automatic mechanism allowing it to be completely adjusted to your needs and to your space.

Its aesthetics has inspiration in classic design combined with straight and organic lines. You can have a complete solution for the different areas of your office, complementing both visually and ergonomically.


About Dauphin Group

The Dauphin HumanDesign Group offers a complete collection of solutions for both lounge, commercial, industrial, hospitality, public spaces as well as healthcare and hospitals. This variety is provided from years of knowledge and expertise in developing products that are focused on wellbeing and considering health problems that poor posture can bring.

To have this dedication and production, the group is consist in several specialized brands such as Trend Office, Dauphin, Zuco and Bosse. There is, therefore, a guarantee that each of these brands offers individualized solutions that perfectly complement a multitude of spaces.

The Dauphin Group is a universe of specialized solutions to fit your needs, focusing on offering a unique comfort, extreme quality, maximum functionality, ergonomics and a modern and sublime design.

We invite you to discover the Dauphin Group and its different brands that are part of Agile Office’s assortment.