There are just a handful of truly iconic furniture designs that stand the test of time, designs that are just as popular today as they were 50, 60, 70, or even 100+ years ago – the kind of designs that will likely always be popular and in demand. Some design pieces are immediately recognized anywhere in the world, mainly by those who really appreciate a good product design.

One of these designs has to be the Model A design from a furniture company known as TOLIX. Tolix is a furniture company that started off producing beautiful and vibrant designs all the way back in the early 1920s. From this time on, it haven’t stopped producing these modern mid-century furniture pieces ever since. The Model A is probably one of the most copied pieces in the world but the originals are immediately recognisable at sight or if you grab it.

The Model A, by far the most popular of all the designs produced by TOLIX, was originally produced back in the 1920s but really started to capture the attention of the global furniture market in 1934. This is the year it entered into the Collections of the Vitra Design Museum as well as MOMA and the Pompidou Centre. Since then it has been considered to be one of the truly quintessential modern mid-century design pieces ever created and made to last in all senses.


Tolix and its industrial design

The entire design was conceived of by Xavier Pauchard, a Frenchman that really helped to pioneer the use of galvanized metal in the furniture world shortly after World War I. This was an audacious idea for that time where wood was the main material used. He was the man that started TOLIX company (registering the trademark in 1927) and by the time that 1935 rolled around he had already been featured in a number of the World’s Fair exhibits around the globe as well as in museums and high-end furniture retail outlets across the planet as well.

By the end of the 1950s, the TOLIX company had about 80 workers in a single shop and were responsible for producing 60,000 units of furniture every single year – many of them the Model A chair in galvanized steel. Few videos are published about the production and taking pictures is not allowed in some places in the factory. The lasting painting is still a well-kept secret that has never been shared.

The company continued under its family ownership until 2004, when the entire company and all of the design were sold off to a woman named Chantal Andriot. She has completely revitalized the TOLIX brand, introducing forgot or previously never produced designs that have been around since the early 1930s, and hopes to usher TOLIX into a new era of prosperity.


Timeless design pieces

With so many people fascinated by the modern mid-century aesthetics once again, these TOLIX chairs and other pieces of TOLIX furniture have been flying off the shelves (so to speak) and the trend is only likely to continue to pick up as time goes on. These were popular designs then and continue to be popular designs today!

TOLIX chairs and stools were first produced for factories but today you can find them all over: factories, cafés, public parks, hospitals, offices, kitchens, etc. They are practical, light, solid, durable and comfortable, with a clean modern design, easy to maintain and to clean. Another characteristic of the brand is the colour. Their colours are graceful, modern and suitable to many different spaces.

These chairs are still hand made with the help of some machines. The finishes are of great quality to ensure their durability, strength and the unique aesthetics.