Pilot Pen

The power realys in words! Consequently, power is also relays in writing. This is the nickname of the Pilot Pen, a Japanese brand that produces pens outside of the box.

Created in Japan by Ryōsuke Namiki and Masao Wada, Pilot Pen produces pens of the most varied shapes and forms. Currently, Pilot Pen has worldwide representation and there is no one who has ever written with a brand pen.

Pilot Pen is the true synonym of writing. The brand is recognized by the diversity of pens it produces: ranging from permanent ink pens, gel pens to white marker pens, all in a wide variety of colors.

In addition, the brand is still responsible for innovation in writing material. By applying the latest technology in the irrigation system in all pens operations, Pilot Pen can make material more resistant, more functional and therefore more ergonomic.

With more than a hundred years of history, Pilot Pen has been a pioneer in influencing and facilitating the practice of writing in a variety of ways. Pilot Pen is currently the second largest brand of writing material in the world.


Pilot Pen and the technology in pens and markers

The brand of writing material aims to innovate in this sector in a constant way. The technology applied in there pens and markers is something that is not seen daily. However, these innovative systems in Pilot Pen products truly helps the process of writing, calligraphy and also drawing.

Since the company was created, innovation is part of DNA brand which materializes in pens with an unbeatable performance. For this, Pilot Pen has several departments responsible for working with new systems of use, mechanisms of pens and different types of ink. It is also the company itself that, in addition to product design, does all the research necessary for the creation of these writing pens.

With so many pens and markers with incredible performances, there are countless illustration artists using these pens. In fact, the possibilities are endless!


The ink of Pilot Pen

Pilot Pen inks are nothing like the ones normally used. Pilot uses three types of ink in its products, so it can better adjust to the uses is going to have.

Oil based paint is an alternative to ink used in ballpoint pens. These oil base makes it more fluid and, therefore, the writing is faster and comfortable.

Liquid ink is another of the types of ink used by Pilot Pen. From a molecule of ink, it is possible to make it dense and bright, while writing remains fluid. When using this type of ink, the use of it is much greater so it will be used until the very last drop. This type of ink can also be found in recharge modules.

Gel paint is one of the most versatile of the brand. Pilot Pen has a portfolio of 24 colors that can be either pastel, metallic or bright.

In addition to these, the brand has created one of the most innovative paints on the market. The thermosensitive paint becomes transparent with the effect of the heat and reappears when exposed to temperatures -10ºC.


Mechanisms and use systems

Paints do not do all the work by themselves. In addition to the innovation in these, the mechanisms in traditional pens are put to the test. Pilot Pen has innovative use systems that make the performance of these products even better. These brand proves, that technology can be applied to the most common objects of everyday life.

One of the brand innovations are tungsten carbide balls. This material makes the pens even more resistant to shock and desk falls. In addition, the lines become more precise without the ink spilling at any point of the paper. These little balls also provide an effect that heats up the paint, making it more fluid.

The ink regulator is another element commonly used in the Pilot Pen. As the name implies, it regulates the flow of ink needed to the tip, avoiding waste and making it uniform.

Especially used in markers, the polyacetate fiber tip allows multi-channel irrigation.

In addition to all these innovations in writing material, Pilot Pen created Capless. This is a reinvention of the classic fountain pens. This pen is a permanent ink pen with the retractable tip.


Pilot BeGreen – For environmental sustainability

Sustainability and resource protection are major concerns for the brand. Pilot Pen actively works to significantly reduce its own environmental footprint throughout the production process and in the post-production of pens.

To reach the goals Pilot Pen has launched the Begreen line. This is a line whose spectrum ranges from rollerball pens to markers for whiteboards. In fact, it consists of products made from 70% recycled plastic and which are completely recyclable. By recycling plastic, made from petroleum, the brand can easely contribute to the preservation of natural resources.

In this line there are also rechargeable pens, thus avoiding the waste of even more plastic. It is completely unnecessary to waste so much plastic each time a pen’s ink finishes.


The story of the Pilot Pen

The story of the Pilot Pen begins in 1915 when Professor Ryōsuke Namiki abdicated his job and founded a modest factory to produce pen nibs in gold. Later, he eventually joined Masao Wada and both founded the Pilot Pen Corporation.

After having completely invaded the Asian market, the time has come for the European market. Pilot then established a factory in France in 1996 and reached the various countries of this continent.

Throughout its years of history, the brand has produced numerous models with unique and unseen designs, both in an economical format and in luxurious collections. Pilot Pen was also one of the pioneer brands in personalized pens and writing instruments that easily become patrimony.