Table lids

Have you ever imagined how much easier one’s life would be if the only thing they have to do to transform the look of their space was to change the lid of a table? Thinking about this little big challenge, Pedrali started to develop unique, attractive and exclusive table lids.

Being a market leader with years and years of experience, this brand continues to bet in differentiated spaces and to produce pragmatic and sophisticated design pieces to cope with their clients demands. In this way, all of the brand’s pieces are highly practical and intuitive to use, as it is already a Pedrali’s statement. Besides, all of the brands items have little details that give an asset to the whole piece.


Pedrali’s table lids – a flexible, practical and beautiful solution

Being indispensable items, being them big or small pieces, tables are a part of the daily life of any person and they can be found at every home and every office. These tables are also the centre of attention at restaurant spaces. However, due to their usual big dimensions, distressing installation and high costs, these are pieces of furniture with a challenging substitution. And so, one has to live with for some time, even if they already don’t quite fit with the space’s decoration.

With this question in mind, Pedrali designed the perfect solution for the tables one wants to change immediately – and change again in the future without all the inconvenient. The possibility of easily (re)create a space and make it more dynamic by only changing the table lids; of adapt or add something new or only different to the already existent furniture, makes these Pedrali’s pieces an essential item in any home or public space.

With all the diligence, energy and variety of table lids styles, it will certainly be easy to find a perfect look to one’s personality and context.

All of Pedrali’s table lids were born due to the relationship the brand has with its clients. Besides, these lids arise of a range of necessities that are inherent to any person and even strongly visible in the contemporary society, this is, the necessity of change, rapid adaptability and having impact on something. Therefore, obtaining a table which is a perfect fit regarding one’s taste and decorative style, is now possible due to the Pedrali’s table lids portfolio.

Immediately, it is possible to change the entire image of a space any time one wants, being them able to choose the different sizes, patterns and colours, adding sophistication to the space itself. Whether at home or at the office, the Italian brand table lids will definitely face up to the constant changes occurring all around people.


Made in Italy – table lids for all tastes and tasks

Any of the Pedrali’s table lids can be acquired in diverse sizes and used to create round, square or rectangular tables. With lids of different forms and sizes is extremely easy to obtain diverse looks and to add visual elements lacking in snobberies. With major attention to the cliente and its necessities, Pedrali presents several simple attractive models of lids, full of unique and surprising details.

In this way, besides the appealing design and its different dimensions, the Pedrali’s lids are easy to assemble. It is, therefore, possible to create coffee tables, as well as meeting and office tables, at any moment. These table lids are made with excellent materials, such as laminated brass, marble, granite, stainless steel, aluminium, tempered glass, teak wood, and many others.

At any case, the lines, the variety of colours, frames, materials, finishings and designs make these table lids pieces of added value that also add charm, luxury and sophistication to the whole environment.


Pedrali’s table lids – modern, durable and people-centred design

Each design item in Pedrali’s portfolio is idealized and have the perfect characteristics to face up to the necessities that might emerge in the most diverse contexts. Quality, functionality, design, durability, timelessness and adaptability are on the top of the client’s requirements repertoire. Having this feedback in account, the Pedrali’s creative team looks continuously to surprise and meet their demands.

In order to create functional and highly adaptable design pieces, the Pedrali’s designers focus on the analysis of individual needs and deliver unique, modern and elegant items. The table lids available in the brand’s portfolio are, therefore, the reflex of a synergetic relationship between Pedrali and its customers.


Excellent raw materials and last generation technology

From the prototype to the final piece, Pedrali makes use of cutting-edge technology in every stage of production. Besides, the brand and its designers stand out by their choice of high-quality raw materials and, due to this dedication to the production process, the renouncement of mediocracy, they put the brand in the spotlight at an international level.

Idealizing and creating detailed pieces of furniture with and timeless industrial design and contemporary style, Pedrali never leaves the high-quality, durability and sustainability of its pieces and in its production processes – which one can see in each one of its pieces. The Pedrali’s table lids are no exception.