Modular sofas and chairs

Versatility: something that does go unnoticed regarding the modern sectional sofas and chairs. For this reason, those are perfect fit for any context and situation. And the best of it all? Modular seating with a contemporary design as the ones the Italian brand Pedrali proposes.

When the comfort and versatility come together, success is guaranteed. Or… they became in a sectional sofa or chair, made with the intention of bringing commodity and originality to a space. With high end materials and an extraordinary control in the production processes, the prestigious Italian brand Pedrali developed a range of products. And it is definitely worth finding it out. The idea behind the pieces is to achieve the perfect environment with just one piece of furniture, that can have many ways of existing in a specific situation or context.

Founded in 1963, this is a prestigious Italian brand known by the guarantee of its products quality, which made Pedrali claim great projects for itself. From train stations to airports, and also restaurants, universities, offices, museums and private homes, the brand contribute to practical and sophisticated spaces is tremendous.

In this way, it reinvents itself constantly in order to meet the latest trends and new societal routines, since it becomes more cosmopolitan and continuously changing. Pedrali’s mindset can be perceived in the modern sectional sofas and chairs range, ideal pieces to any situation, one can use anytime and anyhow, without the loss of the piece’s elegance or primary utility.


Pedrali – a model that can be adapted to any context

A lot of times, the problem might be in the balance of the space, other times it is the necessity of a space that can be used no matter the context. There are even cases when is absolutely necessary to change the whole layout to transform the environment and the mood. These are all valid situations that fit the range of Pedrali’s modern sectional sofas and chairs.

So, what makes this seating solutions different from others? The focus on a minimalistic design that fits in more sophisticated environments, as well as the most relaxed ones, adding a contemporary and timeless touch that many people look for today. Created with large spaces as airports or public institutions, or more cosy spaces in mind, the modern sectional sofas by Pedrali adds a pragmatic and permanent renewal state some appreciate.


Pedrali modern sectional chairs – waiting elegantly

The modular chairs are essential in waiting spaces, as it happens within a bank, courtroom, tax office, hospital or airports. This seating solution is quite necessary so that people can seat in a single module, making the waiting times easier until people get called. Therefore, as it happens with the modern sectional sections, the brand presents three different ranges, but equally elegant and functional: Plural, Kuadra XL and Gliss bench.

The Pedrali’s Plural is a set of modern modular chairs with light and minimalistic lines, totally adaptable to a multitasking and permanently changing daily life. A single module, straight and squared lined, conceived so the work timeout or waiting time could be more comfortable. The structure is produced in polypropylene, the seating has glass fibre and can be or not upholstered. Concerning the base, it is produced with chromed aluminium. As a plus within the piece, it includes a kit with integrated USB and it also can be combined between three, four, six or nine seats, according to the needs.


Pedrali’s modern sectional sofás – groundbreaking personality

Created to the most diverse environments, Modus is a perfect range of modern sectional sofas to bring luxury to any restaurant or any social space. Its versatility allows several combinations, offering a bifacial possibility, with two backrests sustained on each other. This version is perfect to be placed near a wall, in order to save space, or at the centre of a room to maximum highlight.

Pedrali also has Modus 2.0 available, a collection of upholstered sofas capable of meeting any needs and having several kinds of configurations. Creating a round and rectangular effect, it also counts with an aluminium shelf, with a 40mm width that can be placed in its back.

For more intimate environments – as one’s living room, for instance – the Italian Pedrali presents a luxury proposal. Therefore, Host is the name of the collection that can change one’s space completely. These modern sectional sofas have appealing colours such as lime-green or blue, and can be combined in several different ways. Straight-lined and comfortable, these adapt themselves to bigger or smaller rooms, according to one’s needs. The sofas legs are made in chromed steel, 16mm diameter, and its cushion is made of soft memory foam, therefore, it never gets degraded. There is also the leather or upholster options, depending if an environment is more sophisticated or relaxed. The modern sectional sofas Host include individual, double or angular modules. They are also available with or without backrest.


Modern sectional sofas and chairs with ecologic values

When professionalism and dedication get together with values as quality, sustainability and respect by the environment, the brand that carries it becomes greatly recognized in the market. And that is how Pedrali is. The Italian brands has accomplished many important certifications due to its progressive and environmentally driven vision.

Regarding its values, the only way to produce and offer its clients a high-quality product is by more customized producing processes with a focus in functionality and aesthetics. Every piece is created in a way that it can be easily disassembled and recycled and that guarantees a spot-on waste management and low-carbon control emission. Therefore, by choosing Pedrali, two things can be achieved: sophistication and durability in a piece that is environmentally friendly.