Lighting design

Distinction, modernity and excellence are the main characteristics of Pedrali’s lighting design pieces. With the Italian design stamp, the brand presents a harmonious and contemporary lamps portfolio that have the power to uplift the spirit of any room.

With several decades of existence, Pedrali puts its whole attention in the creative process and the production of these pieces, mainly by having in account what its better know to the brand itself: its clients and their wishes. Therefore, the brand makes available an amazing design piece’s portfolio, as their made with the finest materials and have unique aesthetics.

Being the lamps developed by the designer duo Alberto Basaglia e Natalia Rota Nodari, the inspiration to create those lighting design pieces comes from the synergetic and communicative process between both of them and their surroundings. With the daily routine as the common ground of their creations, the couple creates, recreates, improves and try to put alternative visions of reality on the spotlight.

And so, in Pedrali’s lighting design portfolio, one will always find a balanced fusion between contemporary and classic design. The brands pieces become timeless as the aesthetics assume themselves as simple and elegant, and so, those lamps are extremely adaptable to any décor style at home and intimate spaces, offices or in other modern spaces.

Pedrali and the Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari duo already count many years in collaboration and have already promoted not only the Italian brand’s variety of products, but also enabled to add a unique touch to each lamp. Together, they have created the L001, the first lightbulb produced by Pedrali. This bulb allowed the company to expand its portfolio beyond design furniture, including, for that time on, the lighting design pieces. After the L001, other models started to come up, such as the L002, Time Out, Happy Apple and the Colette series. All these models contributed to the expansion of Pedrali’s collection to more intimate spaces.

As of the impressive and perfect meeting between the brand’s production expertise and this couple vision, several designs came up to complement the brand’s interior décor line. The illumination collection is, in fact, an alliance between quality, design and functionality, as it was developed with each one of Pedrali’s consumers in mind. And beyond that, it was developed so the pieces could adapt to each consumer’s needs.

Pedrali – Italian, modern, timeless, lighting design

Different clients and different spaces demand each product to be different from another, regarding the needs of those who will use them. However, a lot of these characteristics are transversal to all the situations, that is, the reach for quality, functionality, design and durability. For this reason, and to face the fast decor styles evolution up, Pedrali develops its portfolio in partnership with internationally well-known designers. The brand’s lighting design is no exception at all, and it is even the living example of commitment Pedrali has with its customers.

The partnership developed by the brand with the designers couple allowed the development of pieces with deep meaning. These designers focus themselves in understanding the needs of society through analysing their surroundings. And so, they can create functional and highly adaptable pieces. The design of each lamp is, thus, modern, elegant and even astonish, ensuring the timeless the pieces needs. With this eternal nature that fits in the most diverse spaces, these pieces can be used through decades without losing elegance and gracefulness.


Pedrali’s lighting design – unique and complementary indoor lamps

The brand’s indoor lamps can be found in each variant – ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps – and, additionally, all of them can be acquired as a part of a unique set, as it happens with Happy Apple. Obviously, one can acquire only individual lamps. In fact, and due to their lamps’ lines coherence, all the pieces developed by Pedrali are complementary, allowing them to engage with other items and to create an exclusive, sophisticated and surprising environment.

The lighting design pieces were designed in order to add something to the spaces, but also in order to be easy to install and maintain no matter the place. In addition, these pieces are produced to guarantee their adaptability to diverse decorative lines and to certify the durability of the brand’s lamps, by the materials they are made of. In this way, each one of the lamps will be perfect at one’s home, office or even in restaurant spaces. With the focus on their minor details, colours, textures, Pedrali presents its clients with unique pieces, as they have a quality and Italian design stamp.

Pedrali’s lighting collection – production processes and cutting-edge technology

The production process and the development of design pieces are two of the several Pedrali’s strong features. It’s decades of experience and dedication, from the very first prototypes to the manufacturing of the final product, bring the brand into the spotlight and differentiate it from its competitors. The brand truly values using cutting-edge technology in every step of is designing and production process.

Designing thoroughly timeless pieces of furniture, Pedrali and its employees value the choice of high-quality raw materials and all the demand excellence and mastery end up in the brand’s recognition all over the world. In this way high quality, durability and sustainability are de keywords that, since the early years, became visible in each Pedrali’s piece.