Office equipment

Pedrali – the market leader brand of Italian furniture – continues to bet in the creation of distinctive spaces throughout the production of office equipment with convenient and sophisticated design. The brand’s clients will be able to choose Italian design, highly functional and useful pieces of furniture. These ones will certainly make some daily tasks easier and will also add charisma and elegance to one’s space, either it’s at home or at work.

In this context the endless accessories collection was born and produced specifically to office furniture. Pedrali and its co-workers joined forces in research, recreation and decontextualization of materials and some pieces technologies in order to give life to unique and highly functional office objects.


Pedrali – multiple opportunities to transform one’s office in an elegant and dynamic environment

From pillows, protecting covers and chair and stools lids to tiny accessories to put stackable chairs and stools together. From desk screens to cabinets. The brand’s accessories and office equipment range are unbeatable. Therefore, these pieces constitute practical solutions for any office’s daily life. The variety and flexibility of choices offered by the Italian brand allows any individual or business style or necessity to be regarded.

For meeting rooms, conventions and caterings, libraries and offices, the variety of Pedrali’s office accessories pieces is almost unlimited, without ever disregard on the commitment between comfort and aesthetics.

The Italian brand Pedrali aims to go beyond its client’s expectations and it is in the details that the devil lies. With the purpose of creating more pleasant and peaceful work spaces to co-workers, visitors and clients, the brand has many practical, modern and easy usage options. All of this is attained through the use of innovative materials and production processes, that also have the minor environmental impact possible.

Due to its origin in several company colaborations, the brand’s office equipment materializes different ideas, styles, philosophies and approaches, but always with the creation of a dynamic environment in mind. The office accessories available in Pedrali’s portfolio are dynamic, flexible and produced to offer a clean and effective visual aesthetics. However, these are quite distinctive and elegant pieces. Here are some examples:


Office equipment – pillows, protective covers and lids to chairs and stools.

In order to make an easy maintainance of the chairs and stools during all year, and in order to increase the comfort of all users, Pedrali works restlessly to attend to their endless necessities.

Whether in an outdoor event or an indoor one, all of the pillows and chairs, even though they are quite different pieces, have a common characteristic: they all fit in the chosen environment, due to the colours and sizes available. The pillows of the collection Plus or Buddy, for example, guarantee that the users are always comfortable, no matter the context.

The Pedrali lids Wow are the office equipments that have a non-common purpose, as it happens with other brands. The lids convert the puffs from Wow collection to become coffee tables. And so, these same lids add a completely new functionality and giving a fresh face to other design pieces of the brand.

Regarding the protective covers, these are accessories produced to be used with the design chair collection Pasha, from Pedrali. The protective covers were specially created for formal catering sessions and conventions. Therefore, these accessories are elegant and, on the hand, are entirely prepared to withstand to different kinds of accidents and stains. The elegant design, that does not overwhelm the space, promises to offer modernity and sophistication, which makes the Pedrali’s protective covers become versatile office equipment, that even are easily adjustable to all kinds of environment.


Stackable stools and chair trolleys

The stackable Pedrali Chairs, as most of people know already, are light, compact and portable. These pieces are so versatile that can fit harmoniously in different spaces. And yet, to make one’s life the management of events easier, the Italian brand puts diverse trolley options, all of them compatible with the brand’s chairs. Whether they are stackable vertically or horizontaly, anyone will see their life facilitated.

When the moment of taking off the chairs from the trolley and organize them comes, one will have the perfect alignment and their space cleanly organized by using the Pedrali chair’s linking device. The options are endless and the connection equipment can be used in diverse points accordingly to the recommended compatibility.


Office equipments – desk screens and cabinets

Ideal for spaces where the silence and focus are minimal requirements, the Pedrali desk screens are the perfect accessory for one’s office. So, either in ones’s office or at a library, they will have a division panel with sound insulation characteristics and with a steel perimetral frame, covered with removable fabric. Attractive, modern and effective, these pannels promise to transform a focus and study space into a stimulating learning environment.

On the other hand, the cabinets are the Italian brand’s office equipment that bring and take all the documents and little office items. The Boxie collection, for instance, was created by Pedrali in collaboration with the designer Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci. The collection is a modular system, with drawers alternating with lids, which aesthetics lies in simple lines and which design is notable by its lightness – guaranteed, in its turn, by a powder-coated steel structure. All of the options, colours and sizes of the Boxie line are equipped with a lid, drawer and a set of lockable casters to achieve more security and comfort while transporting the cabinet.