A wide range of design furniture, high standards and high quality and a great respect for the environment. This is the italian brand Pedrali.

With decades of experience Pedrali is a renowned brand, deeply rooted with an italian essence that produces furniture pieces designed especially for offices, homes and various public spaces.

Pedrali is dedicated to create and producing pieces of timeless design furniture, deeply oriented towards quality, with a meticulous care in the raw materials with which it works. All this combined with the fact that the brand bet on the latest technology, research and development at every step of the creation process. In turn, requirement, demanding and precision helps Pedrali to be undoubtedly recognized worldwide in contemporary industrial design.

This brand offers a vast collection of pieces with unique character for the most varied environments, tastes and needs. In company portfolio is included lighting articles, chairs, benches, lounge chairs and modular seats, tables, accessories and more.


Pedrali Collections and Projects

Pedrali has a versatile portfolio of award-winning design furniture pieces. The brand’s collections can be divided into ten categories with a wide range of products. This brand produces versatile pieces in a way that each individual style or business need is suppressed. Therefore, the most certain thing is that one can find in the brand portfolio the product that is needed to be added to the workspace. Pedrali pieces elevate residential spaces, offices, public spaces, hospitals, stations, and almost every kind of environment.

Pedrali has office chairs, lounge chairs and outdoor benches from the most modern to the most sophisticated. There is also a wide supply of tables for meetings, for work or for meal and still tables for support. Specifically for seating spaces, it is possible to find sofas and lounge chairs, armchairs chairs.

For public spaces or work spaces, there are modular seating solutions for offices, public transport stations or terminals, hospitals and clinics, and waiting rooms in there portfolio.

The brand also offers lighting pieces such as ceiling and table lamps and other accessories.

Pedrali is a renowned Italian brand, and because of the quality it can consistently guarantee in each product, it has already won several projects in the most varied sectors of activity. From stations and airports, hotels and restaurants, to museums and theaters, shopping centers and retail stores, from schools and universities, offices and canteens, residential and outdoor spaces.

Pedrali offer is, as you can see, as broad as your experience. The brand was founded in 1963 in the Italian region of Lombardy and managed to reinvent itself decade after decade maintaining the values and select quality standards as the Italian design made us familiar with.

Partnerships and Awards

Over is lifetime Pedrali brand has been collaborating with renowned designs of various nationalities for the creation of the iconic pieces that are part of there collection. There are more than 20 designers, including Marc Sadler, with Noa and Tweet high chairs, Patrick Norguet with the collaboration of Vic and Fox chairs, Jorge Pensi Design Studio in some modular and office chairs, Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari in collaboration for lighting accessories, among many others designers!

The high standards of quality in everything it produces as well as an pinch of irreverence, fresh and original design have put Pedrali on the map of various award-awarding entities. The brand already has 31 industry distinctions since 2006. The Iconic Awards and the European Product Design Award for the Giravolta lamp, the Wallpaper Design Award for the Dome chair, and the Red Dot Design Award for the Volt chair stands out, Good Design Award for the Ester Chair, among many more awards!


Pedrali sustainable and ecological design furniture

Pedrali, is brand with decades of industry experience, and honestly believes that the only way to produce good quality and durable products is by investing in sustainable materials and its processes. And both focus on aesthetics and functionality of the product. The entire production process is tailored to be as sustainable as possible. From the choice of materials used to the optimization of resources, the ecological footprint of the brand aim to be minimal.

This brand also ensures the management of waste and control of carbon emissions. Pedrali company plans the entire production process down to the smallest detail. That is, all parts are designed so that they can be dismantled to facilitate the recycling process.

In the vanguard of eco-friendly inks

Pedrali is at the vanguard of using innovative sustainable production processes and techniques. Since 2017 the brand uses water-based inks derived from plants. By using this feature the brand is not only able to maintain high quality standards but also ensures a large decrease in volatile organic compounds (VOC). Traditional inks contain chemicals that evaporate at room temperature. In this way, they contribute to air pollution and can cause serious damage to human health.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the paints used by Pedrali are not flammable. Thus, the brand ensures a healthier work and with fewer risks, less pollution and greater energy savings. Consequently, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.


Quality furniture with certified quality and sustainability

Pedrali high values of concern for quality, sustainability and respect for the environment, has made the brand achieve important certifications worldwide. These certifications materialize daily in the practices and processes of all employees. Thus, ISO 9001 certifies the quality of business processes, ISO14001 certifies production based on sustainable policies, FSC ™ C114358 certifies the use of woods from certified and controlled forests.

Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certifications ensure a low emission of hazardous substances. In addition, all products in the collection are produced according to the European standards of endurance, durability and safety (UNI-EN 16139: 2013).