The secret relays in the colours. Naughtone is the brand that makes any space shine through it pieces of modern office furniture specific to collaboration areas.

In an era that offices are not just individual cubicles, the furniture also is not just a desk, chair and separating panels. Nowadays, companies are betting in innovation and, to do so, they stimulate the collaboration between co-workers. So the collaboration gets its way without obstacles, workspaces are now designed with a completely different approach regarding the past decades.

In order to have more interaction between teams and its members, it is necessary to have areas where people can move freely and be the most comfortable as possible. Naughtone is the brand that makes it all a reality.

The british company was founded in 2005 and manufacture highly functional and highly attractive modern office furniture.The office pieces design aligns with the home pieces design, although they are both unparalleled, specially in the used colours and fabrics.
Besides all that, the brand does not only have its focus on collaborative spaces. It also designs distinct individual individual work stations. The aim is to provide more comfort and free movement to any coworker. Besides these spaces, Naughtone has also lounge, reception and hospitality furniture.

The brand assures the quality and durability of the pieces as any other. And beyond that, modern office furniture have features that give them an hand-made and artisanal, even with an unquestionable contemporary design.

Naughtone – Intuitiv and colourful modern office furniture

To Naughtone, the pieces design have to be simple. This feature is not totally relatable to the form but mostly to the predicted function of any product. That is, a couch will not have any characteristic that is not inherent to a couch. The function of the piece of furniture will be kept basic, however the high quality materials are not expendable.

The brand does not want to surprise its consumers by the function of de modern office furniture that it produces. It wants to surprise through the daring aesthetics, through the bright colours and the high quality of the used materials.

It is, in fact, the lack of alternative functions of these pieces of furniture that the brand its motto (and name). Naughtone says that it manufactures efficient and attractive furniture and the brand’s name means “no-nonsense” – that is, that is not illogical.

In order to respond to the markets demands, the british developed a portfolio constituted by real useful and modern office furniture. Being to collaborative spaces, lounge or hospitality spaces in a company or to individual work stations, the company’s furniture pieces will make a diferente. Besides, the revolutionary design pieces from Naughtone adapt themselves perfectly to residential spaces that need a little bit more colour.

Another element the brand does not expend is the fabrics. To reach a surprise and passionate aesthetics, the fabrics quality and the lively colours are indispensable.

The range of colours and patterns for each one of the brand’s products is endless. It is exactly for that reason that this pieces are able to adjust completely to any company or residence.

A dazzling portfolio

There is no Naughtone’s piece that will go unnoticed. All of the furniture aesthetics the brand has designed and manufactured have high quality and bright colours in its essence. From the seating to the desks, the used materials are cherrypicked and the pieces are manufactured with great attention to detail.

Naughtone have a great range of modern office furniture, that suit an individual purpose as well as a collaborative or lounge aim.

Regarding the seating solutions, the brand puts its effort in extreme comfort and in colourful side chairs. In relation to the sofas, there are those of adjust to waiting rooms and wide spaces, but there are also armchairs, obviously, to individual use. These brand’s pieces are usually robust and with great comfort. A lot of them provide a private space within an office or openspace. Naughtone also have modular stools to quick meetings and decision making. These also can be a solution to create a lounge space within the company itself.

Beyond the seating, the brand have in its portfolio coffee tables, informal desks and storage solutions.
Naughtone and the british design awakening

The local manufacturing of modern office furniture is extremely important to Naughtone. The brand, which was born and raised in England, aims engage the whole community in this process.

Curently situated in Leed, the company have the advantage of being close to other partner factories related to the fabrics manufacturing and the treatment of other materials used in the pieces of furniture. In this way, Naughtone is able to have a local production and enhance the british retail. The company believes that the british high quality materials should be used to its own profit, instead of depending on imported materials.

Besides the proximity with other wholesalers, Leeds provides to the company the proximity with an inherently design connected community. The founders of the brand, Mark Hammond and Kieron Bakewell, had already its own ideas in relation to product design and so this proximity was just a advantage to Naughtone.

Naughtone has, in this way, all of the necessary elements to make the british design an international statement. Just as it happened with scandinavian design, british design can finally assert itself in the world of interior design.

Environmental and social sustainability

A great portion of companies have being compromising with long-term environmental sustainable action. Naughtone is no different, knowing that this have always been a concern to it.
Knowing that manufacture is a highly polluting process, the brand tries to make its pieces in the most ecological way possible. For this reason, the used materials are from certified sources. And besides, the fabrics and metal used to manufacture the brand’s modern office furniture are mostly recycled.

It is also important to refer that keeping the partner factories close makes the emission of pollutants from transportation decrease.

Beyond these issues, Naughtone have also the “bring back” campaign. This inniciative allows clients to bring the pieces back to the factory in order to recycle them.