There is no dearth of furniture brands and there is a plethora of options regardless of what you are looking for. You don’t need to confine yourself to either bespoke or ready to assemble furniture. Anyone with the slightest experience in furniture shopping knows bespoke designs cost a small fortune and ready to assemble pieces are of substantially inferior quality. No one buys residential or office furniture only to use it for a brief period of time. Also, no one wants to compromise on the aesthetics, utility and reliability of any piece of furniture. The challenge is to balance the finer desires and the pragmatic limitation of the budget available. Fortunately, there is a solution. Naughtone!


The Rhythm of Hues

Let us be completely honest about our good old hardwood furniture. The classic aesthetics of oak, maple, mahogany, walnut, beech, pine, cherry and cedar are, among others, almost unparalleled. You can have laminates emulating the natural splendor, texture and elegance of hardwood but they are not really the same. You know it and everyone who sees the laminated furniture will know it in an instant. Hardwood furniture is expensive. Even those that are mass produced and come in ready to assemble pieces, don’t have affordable price tags. Most people are compelled to settle for alternatives and in the process end up with a myriad of hues. Finding the perfect color is a daunting task. It takes finesse to come up with hues or shades of popular colors that will not look odd, be pleasing to the eyes and will complement the prevailing décor. Naughtone plays a rhythm of hues with its inventory. Whether you are looking for the perfect office furniture or you want to deck up your living room, Naughtone has more options than you need.


Sleek isn’t just vogue

Chunky and bulky furniture have been bid adieu to for a long time now. There are some that have to be heavy and must look formidable, but furniture that takes up too much space for its functionality to be justified is no longer viable. Most people want to save as much real estate as possible. With space crunch a perennial concern for millions of people, sleek isn’t just vogue. Sleek designs may have been fashionable at one point in the time but today it is a quintessential attribute of furniture design. Naughtone has some of the sleekest furniture you will find. It is not solely about chairs or center tables. Naughtone has the sleekest couches, cabinets, shelves and soft boxes. You really must browse the inventory to explore a whole new genre of sleekness.


Elegance can be simple

Various architectural styles are classified into the periods where they were originated in. We marvel at Victorian and Elizabethan architectural styles. We are mesmerized with Spanish revival architecture. Likewise, we are swooned by Roman and Greek architectural details. These were all fancy and incredible craftsmanship. While we all refer to these now archaic designs as elegant, it is not the extravagance that makes them elegant. Elegance can be simple and you don’t need to look any further than Naughtone if you need some proof. Ergonomics is of paramount significance today. Every other attribute of a design or entire craftsmanship is assessed through the prism of ergonomics, as in how efficient a particular piece of furniture is in its given environment. From that perspective, the simple elegance of Naughtone stands out.


Bright isn’t akin to loud

Most offices and many homes would rather have blander colors than risk creating an ambience that is too loud, dark, contrasting or distracting. When we think of bright colors, we often presume they would be over the top and on our face. Naughtone is not a brand that goes overboard with its use of bright colors and interesting shades. In fact, if there is one furniture maker that can make bright look subtle, is Naughtone.