Describing Narbutas should be easy. It is a company that manufactures contemporary office furniture with high quality materials and people centred. However, this only sentence does not explain, at all, the essence of this brand.
The essence of this company located in Lithuania, resides ins its sustainability at all levels. That is, at the environmental, economic, human resources levels and, specially, at the product offer level. Above all things, Narbutas wants to build modern, comfortable and productive work environments.
Standing out for its pieces high-quality, the brand’s designers are specialists in building office furniture and solutions that can last a lifetime.

Narbutas – The history of a brand raised from the ashes

After going through turbulent times, Narbutas left everything and everyone speechless with its resilient example. 2008 was the year in which everything changed.
In the very same year the economic crisis haunted most European countries, the company’s factory was built in Vilnius. With a substantial investment, the brands leaders turned this office furniture factory into a giant in East Europe.
Since that turning point that Narbutas have been growing more and more. The balanced use of resources such as time, materials and even the skills of the co-workers themselves resulted in a sustainable production and with a better quality/ prize relationship.
Besides having become one of the biggest furniture enterprises, the Lithuanian company began with a small office furniture solution. In 1991 was manufactured its first piece: a computer desk.

The brans values and the care for its co-workers

While Narbutas grew with time, Peter Narbutas have stated that “the only think that he could say certainly was that the company would take care of its co-workers”. Rapidly, the office furniture brand’s founder understood that this vision was bringing more investment for Narbutas.
Peter Narbutas also outlined that “If a company takes care of its co-workers, they give back by taking care of the company and its clients. And that’s how fantastic results show up”.
Besides taking care and the motivating the teams which work for Narbutas, the company truly invests in its products quality. And, for that, the automation and robotization are essential in the manufacturing process. By reducing the manufacturing time, it is possible to apply more time guarantying and testing the pieces quality.

Narbutas office furniture – user centred design

Each product created by Narbutas, since its design to its manufacturing, are entirely user centred. The company doesn’t lose the chance of being always updated about the office furniture global tendencies. As such, it researches intensively about the true needs of modern co-workers, as well as the challenges they face everyday in its working hours in order to make their furniture as intuitive as possible.
The great ambition of Narbutas is to design office furniture based on four features: it has to be functional; it has to have high quality; its design must be appealing and it has to be exactly what the user needs. The brand insists to eliminate everything that is not necessary, so “one does not have to pay for features one will not use”.
The brand’s furniture is manufactured in a sustainable way and with great environmental consciousness. And so, they obey to the highest quality criteria at an international level. The Narbutas’ office furniture, therefore, have a certified quality, which guarantees durability, usability and ergonomics to the client. Every department works together to assure the products do not deviate themselves from the security norms and necessary quality.
The design of its pieces of furniture is an element that the brand’s clients also have consideration and appreciation. The Narbutas’ furnishings are linked with the sophisticated and elegant Italian design, but they also have Scandinavian design trims. These express themselves in a subtle way, having the cosy design from its home country as basis – Lithuania. Narbutas’ teams collaborate frequently with the most experienced designers at a international level, in order to assure the pieces aesthetics.

Customizable design pieces

One of the Narbutas’ great value propositions and differentiating factor is linked with offering services of customizable requests. The brand doesn’t confine itself to manufacture its own designs: this offers the possibility of giving life to new ideas. Therefore, Narbutas develop office furniture with all the specifications and requests by its clients, in order for them to be unique.
This service is the best of both worlds. In one hand, it is possible to have a piece of furniture with the quality and functionality Narbutas provides and, in the other hand, one’s furnishings will be completely aligned with their personal taste, customizable, in line with the space aesthetics where it’s going to be and with one’s needs.
In order to materialise one’s idea, Narbutas is highly gifted with technical skills and have a long experience in manufacturing office furniture.
The company have all the equipment and new generation machinery necessary to manufacture the most diverse office furniture pieces, regarding its great range of customizable requests. It is also flexible enough to accept several projects and to respond to specific individual needs, even if they are truly complex. The brand’s expertise results in the perfect handling of the most diverse materials so one com customise its office furniture. Some possible trims are curved wood, mix of metal elements, and even of upholster or acoustic furniture.
Narbutas have a team with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and office furniture design. These specialists in furniture will explore all of the details so the customizable piece adapts itself entirely to the client’s needs.

Its fields of action

The brand’s great range of action have its focus on any piece of office furniture that can be necessary. This means that one can find, in its portfolio pieces of furniture to supress diverse needs and all kinds of businesses. From individual solutions to the collaborative ones, all must be integrated in the same office space. There are also solutions to lounge spaces and office cafeteria. Besides, Narbutas does not Forget about the hospitality areas and many other solutions that can be requested.
Thinking holistically, Narbutas presents a great range of office storage, sound insulation solutions, desks and work tables, office and lounge chairs and even have two collections with integrated furniture to executive clients and reception furniture.