Describing a brand like Narbutas might seem easy. It is a company which produces modern, high quality and human centred furniture. However, this one sentence does not explain at all the essence of a company such as Narbutas.

The essence of this company, located in Lithuania, relays on its sustainability at all levels and by all means. That is, in a environmental level, in a human resources level and, specially, in the product level. Above all things, Narbutas wants to create modern, comfortable and productive work environments.

Striving mostly for the quality of the pieces the company produces, the Narbutas designers are specialists in bringing to the world life-lasting pieces.


Narbutas – the history of a company reborn from the ashes

The history of this company is not as stable as we wanted it to be. Nevertheless, it persisted. Narbutas is, definitely, the Phoenix of the furniture world.

After many difficult phases, the company left anyone surprised with its resilience. 2008 was the year that marked the turning point.

At the very same year that the economic crisis started to haunt most of european countries, the company’s plant was built in Vilnius. It took a great investment, but the brand’s leaders made this furniture plant one of the biggest and most successful in eastern europe.

From that time on, Narbutas has been expanding business non-stop. The balanced use of resources – such as time, materials and workers skills – contributed for a sustainable production with the best deal between quality and price.


Narbutas solutions

The brand has, essentially, four great action fields: office furniture, acoustic solutions, seating solutions and accessories.

In each and everyone of these areas, it is also possible to build pieces that once lived only in a client’s imagination. Yes, Narbutas makes custom-made pieces so that no office is equal to the other and so that the furniture meet the workers needs. If each company has its own vision and values, its needs will also be unique.


Office Furniture

In today’s companies, the office work makes workers to maintain a single position during all the work hours – and it is not healthy at all. On the contrary, our bodies want us to move because that’s what they were built for.

To fully meet the needs, and to go against this bad habit, Narbutas has its sit-to-stand desks portfolio. These desks enables people to alter their working position. Between being seated and in a standing position, the backache will fade. Furthermore, the brand has other kinds of desk, meeting tables, high tables, coffee tables, and others.

The uniqueness of these products exists in the executive furniture, the reception furniture and in the storage solutions.


The acoustic solutions

Due to making the communication and collaboration easier between teams, there are more and more open-office workplaces all around the world. However, there is one downside that makes increasing of the stress levels the noise. With more collaboration, the noise pollution is becomes hard to avoid – and it directly affects productivity.

And yet, Narbutas made it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds. The acoustic panels are deeply loved by the ones who already make use of them. These partition walls are movable and very practical to install. They can be placed on the flour or even on the top of your desk.

By limiting the space and by protecting workers from the excessive noise, these panels may be the reason behind the productivity increase. And no one will have to step back from the rest of the team to have a little of focus time.


Seating solutions

The Narbutas seating solutions maintain the comfort of the office workers, of the companies guests and of everyone who is attending a conference – so to say. These executive and task chairs are made with that only purpose. More comfort equals more productivity.

Besides these types of chairs, the brand has also a high chair and lounge seating for those who enjoy working while relaxing.


The Accessories

Narbutas accessories are the support we all needed to feel a little more at home in the office. The convenience of these accessories actually makes the workplace more comfortable.

The accessories portfolio has racks, CPU holders, flat-screen holders, power sockets and more.