This is a brand that doesn’t need presentations. Montblanc is the German brand with over one century of history, experience and expertise in the manufacturing of iconic pieces as the fine writing instruments – the Montblanc pens, clocks, jewellery, leather goods, wallets, perfumes and glasses.

The quality of the luxury items the brand manufactures is unquestionable high, being each one of them iconic. Montblanc is a brand which conquered the status of an international luxury pen prestigious brand and later became a luxury brand recognized in many categories such as high watch making and leather goods.
Montblanc pieces are a true luxury that lasts a lifetime and that can be handed over from generation to generation due to their durability, quality and timeless design. The brand has its focus, essentially, in items for men, but also have a great range of products for women.


Montblanc – Luxury pleases everyone

The name Montblanc outline the feeling of social status, quality and luxury in every corner of the world. However, its meaning and value is much more than this. It ends being a personal concept. As it happens with the luxury concept, so Montblanc represents something unique and distinctive to any person or target audience.
Montblanc is one of the few brands of the high sector which manufactures luxury products that can appeal and get interest from tons of people and industry segments. The diversity in its portfolio is wide as its consumers.

To Montblanc, the perception of luxury is built upon a commitment that one is buying a piece that will be cherished by its elegant and timeless design, but also upon the commitment of quality and excellence which are assured by the brand’s artisans. It is undeniable that having passed one, two or three decades one will still cherish the product.

Montblanc offers products that enrich the individual and cultural look of each consumer and ends to reflect the creativity of each one of its clients. The brand appeals to individuals who identify themselves with an exquisite lifestyle. In practice, the brand represents many items that appeal to the younger public, as well as to the most expert and to the most demanding public.


Beyond Montblanc’s luxury pens: wallets and watches

Montblanc is well-known, ahead of all the rest, due to its manufacture and design of writing instruments that are truly iconic and luxury pens.

The brand presents a many pen collection. Beginning by the Heritage collection, one will find the Rouge & Noir special edition pen which celebrates its very first version in 1906. At this time, a pen which didn’t need to be putted in ink to write was an incredible technological innovation. This luxury pen celebrates the brand’s first step and its first pen ever manufactured.

The collection Meistrestück is a selection of truly exquisite and with an opulent elegance. It is probably the brand’s most famous and most collectable collection. The Pix pen, within Meistrestück, is the most artistic, since they are Bauhaus inspired – strong colours, inherent simplicity and clean design.

Marc Newson, an internationally recognized designers, have designed the M collection to Montblanc. The pens of this collection present fine, uniform and modern lines. To the tech lovers, and showing a its reinvention capacity, the brand launched the Augmented Paper collection. With Montblanc Augmented Paper pens one can write something in a paper and instantly save it in their smartphone, through a specific app.

Regarding the leather goods, which represent a lifestyle on their own, one can choose between wallets of many forms, sizes and styles – from the most executive to the most daring and passing through the light card holders – ideal to use with suits or more tight clothes. I tis also possible to find pen holders and leather cases, work folder, backpacks, belts, keyrings and many more products.


Other products from the brand

Another highly recognized product is the brand’s watches. The brand bought a swiss watch manufacturer – Minerva – and since then it has counted on both expertise to develop high quality and timeless watches. The most recognized Montblanc watch collections are: Montblanc 4810, Tradition, Star Legacy, Montblanc 1858 e Time Walker.

The Montblanc smartwatches are probably the most luxurious one can find. With many functionalities, the digital watch is hyper elegant and demonstrate the traditional aspect of a wristwatch perfectly. These are also elegant and timeless and can be personalized. The screen of the watch is OLED and have WIFI and Bluetooth, NFC and GPS tech, have a 3100 CPU and it is also water resistant. The brand also offers options of watches to women.

The company also manufactures sophisticated eyeglass frames and sunglasses, perfumes, bags and travel cases, masculine and feminine exquisite jewellery, among other pieces. The brand represents an authentic lifestyle.


Montblanc’s history

The brand was founded in Germany in 1906 and was named Montblanc in honour of the highest peak of the Alpes. In this way, the company reflects its conviction of preservation, magnificence and opulence.

It is self-proclaimed as the “parents of fine writing” since it started its activity manufacturing sophisticated and high-quality pens, that are iconic and widely collectable.

Over the years, the brand has been a reference in the luxury goods sector by adapting itself to each era and to each trend. Montblanc also spread its portfolio to watches, jewellery, leather goods, perfumes and many others.

The values of the brand such as sustainability, quality, excellence, expertise in manufacture and creativity walked alongside the brand through over 100 years. These values add elegance and finesse to every product that, in its turn, complement the individual style of any client.

The brand is established in over 70 countries and its pieces are only sold exclusively by a network of sole traders, of which Agile Office is part.