Decoration Accesories

Menu is a design and scandinavian furniture giant. Its portfolio is a huge decoration store with elements for all the rooms inside the house.

Since 1978 that the danish Menu is the decoration store known for its minimalistic nordic design portfolio. Being this a family business in its third generation, the brand dedicates itself to develop pieces that adjust to the daily routines of its consumers.

Initially, the brand developed silver pieces and high quality kitchen utensils. These pieces were replaced by others used daily, making the brad gaining reputation regarding the danish decor accessories.
The collaboration that the brand have developed over the years with talented designers – from areas such as architecture and graphic design – have allowed Menu to offer modern, functional and high quality solutions.

These collaborations with diverse design studios as Norm Architects, Jonas Wagell, ALexa Lixfeld, Studiopepe, between many others, brought a unique expertise and experience to the manufacture process of the brand’s decor accessories. Those accessories vary between furniture, utensils and lighting. Many of these pieces have already won several prizes within the design industry due to their daring design, quality and innovation.


Menu’s decoration accessories

One of the categories that Menu have been concentrated since the beginning of its activity is the decoration and everyday accessories. The accessories developed by the brand are complementary to the daily life, offering support and functionality with a daring design. Likewise the remaining collection, the brand focused on taking to a higher ground each one of these pieces with an unique design.

This scandinavian decoration accessories collection offer a range of candleholders and chandeliers that not only create incredible spotlights, but are also developed so they can overcome the traditional piece that can be found in any store.

The vases of this accessories collection are nature inspired, having then a unique and elegant design, building classical and sophisticated environments. The clock collection are sophisticated and offer a great range of options to help you in the most difficult mornings, without giving away its aesthetics. The different shelves give the feeling that they are flowing through one’s living room, offering mix between illusion and art. The crockery with plates, trays, bowls, bottles, teapots and cutlery guarantee a unique elegance to each environment, with a modern, simple and subtle design. Pieces as mirrors, racks, pillows and organizing boxes offer an incredible functionality combined with distinctive quality and beauty. This is, without doubt, a group of items that will change one’s everyday life, guaranteeing the quality and function everyone is looking for.


The materials used in the manufacturing of Menu’s pieces

There is a focus in offering a range of products that can be used both in the interior of one’s home, office or business, and the exterior. Pieces like the ones in Wire collection guarantee the necessary trims and a special finishing to the items so they could be exposed to different temperatures and climates without damaging their aesthetics and quality.

Each one of these pieces are developed with high quality materials and the most recent manufacturing techniques.

Developed with natural materials such as hand-blown glass, copper, cotton, porcelain, bronze and marble, these pieces are the combination of elegance with quality, of sophistication with expertise, of modern design with innovation. This scandinavian decoration accessories collection will offer the functionality one’s looking for.

Taking the needs of each person in account, these accessories are the artistic solutions that take any environment to a higher ground.


Function, timeless design and innovative Scandinavian decoration

Menu focus itself in developing products that adapt to the most diverse styles of its clients, as well as the different changes and rapid evolution of trends regarding décor styles. In order to analyse these rapid shifts, the brand can understand the different market necessities and expectations as well as how the consumers interact with everyday objects. In this way, everything manufactured by Menu has its own purpose and a required functionality.

The decoration accessories design has an important role in the consumer’s decision making. Therefore, the brand develops, in partnership with great design studios, timeless design pieces. These kinds of design allow an everlasting use of the piece, being capable of pass through generations. The brand believes that the todays products will be an icon tomorrow, offering, therefore, a comfort and familiarity sensations.

Allied to this type of design and functionality there is a strong component that makes each piece a unique product – the innovation. This innovation goes through the material used and the technique used in its manufacturing process. These features take those products to a higher ground, offering the highest quality as well as its durability.