From northern Europe, Menu company introduce us with scandinavian furniture and decorations with impressive design.

This danish company develops products with innovative creations that always offer the highest quality, mainly because the materials used are natural and utterly resistant. Menu company place itself in a limbo between the traditional and contemporary nordic design, this way of thought and work are easy recognized in the lines that passes in its decoration scandinavian pieces. Always with minimalistic lines, there is no decorative pieces that doesn’t have a history or concept as background supporting them. These elements are carefully thought by external designers who work actively with the company, those designers are the ones who add and give the pieces greater value. In addition to these important characteristic, all Menu products are highly functional and adaptable to the vast majority of spaces and users.


Menu – scandinavian furniture and decorations with impressive design

This danish brand already made a stand when it comes to the universe of furniture and interior decoration. When it comes to its vision as a brand, Menu company plan to give even more elegance, simplicity and functionality to the world. Luxy portfolio is shaped in partnership with the most prominent talented artists of our days. From these partnerships, irreverent design pieces with the highest quality are born. Nevertheless, one can find something shared in all design pieces offered by this brand which is functionality and durability. Those scandinavian decoration pieces perfectly adapt to daily life and necessities of any person throughout the days.

Products extreme quality are not only guaranteed by the brand but as well by the design studios that have partnered with the brand. These studios can be found in several countries, assigning great cultural richness to each piece and diversity to the brand.


Menu partnership studios – diversified scandinavian decoration

Design studios partners of Menu vary from each other as a consequence of their different areas of expertise. These areas of endeavour go through architecture, fashion, art, design and creativity. By inspecting each product in detail, one can find its essence and inspiration making each and every piece unique and special.

Regardless of being developed by different studios, all pieces by Menu brand collection have an alike essence that goes through its functionality and focus on the consumer and its applications. The commitment given to each of the pieces in order to elevate them so that they can be useful and reach the smallest necessities, makes them highly functional and adaptable to a great set of situations and occasions.

These scandinavian decoration design is always a fusion between contemporary and traditional, creating a unique elegance throughout all his the portfolio. Ultimately, the brand’s products are marked by the quality of production as well the quality of materials that the brand Menu as to offer.

Design studios partners of Menu are greatly recognized, they hold with their names a several won prizes in different areas.

The ones with bigger presence in Menu collections, which stand out are the following studios Norm Architects, Søren Rose Studio, Noidoi Design Studio, Afteroom, Tudiopepe, Note Design Studio, Andersen and Voll.


Scandinavian decoration pieces Menu

Menu brand offers a multitude range of products, all of which are for use in our everyday lives whether would be at our home, office or business. These scandinavian decorations are easily adapt to a variety of environments.

Celebrando o estilo de design escandinavo, a variedade de peças que passam desde mobiliário moderno, iluminação e produtos para o lar garantem um estilo moderno e aprazível. Todo o portfolio da Menu é desenvolvido com materiais naturais e de qualidade variando entre madeira, mármore, bronze, aço e vidro desenvolvido com técnicas de sopro.

Celebrating the scandinavian design style, the wide range of pieces goes from modern furniture, lighting and home products that ensure a modern and pleasurable style. The entire Menu portfolio is created with natural materials with extreme quality that go from wood, marble, bronze, steel and glass developed with blowing techniques.

All pieces from the smallest accessories to the large furniture pieces have design and production details that allow a timeless vivacity that can be passed down from generation to generation without changing its appearance, functionality or quality.

The use of the collection in your daily life will definitely allow your space to easily increase in elegance and sophistication, guaranteeing his high functionality. It is undoubtedly a unique, a irreverent and innovative collection that brings all the qualities it needs for your daily life.


Scandinavian decoration with social responsibility

The brand is also focusing in the promotion and development of the talent the talent of true craftsmen from all over the world. By collaborating with several countries, Menu is evolving their decoration and furniture pieces to their maximum potential. Not only there is a sense of art in this process as facilitates the preservation of unique and sometimes forgotten talents all over the world of production. In this way talent is preserved through different programs and projects that the Menu promotes and dedicates, such as the Nepal project.

Being deeply rooted in is philosophy and business mission, Menu brand as developed a project to help deprived and depressed communities, called the Nepal project. In partnership with the humanitarian organization Danida they managed to reach these communities allowing the increase of the quality of life.

The Nepal project focuses on providing education to nepali children in order to safeguard a better and more promising future for them. Besides education, Menu aims to guarantee trustworthy work and fair remuneration for all nepalese women that find themselves living in disadvantaged communities. Focusing on the art of craftsmen and weavers of this country, they are able to keep traditions alive and promote their talent in a global scale.

The pieces developed in this project can be suitcases, storage pieces, cuddly toys, quilts, cushions and throws with a modern design and with high quality. Thus, these products, although made with traditional techniques, adapt perfectly to their users and diverse cultures. This portfolio is developed in partnership with famous design studios such as Norm Architects, Hint of Neon, Afteroom and Note Design Studio, creating elegant, simple, modern and sophisticated pieces.

This partnership triangle allows the talents and experiences of the three to come together to create a better world for all this disadvantage communities and the users of the pieces.

Its design is always functional and modern, as well as the pieces are developed with the highest quality materials, thus maintaining the guarantee seal that the Menu brand offers throughout its portfolio.