One of the most well-known furniture manufacturer in the world is Mattiazzi. The brand was founded by two Italian brothers that created this amazing wood furniture design and production company in the late 1970s. This was all created in an effort to produce the best quality wooden chairs available anywhere – and they have certainly succeeded at that.

Today, the Mattiazzi name is synonymous of wood, tradition, high quality, high design, and the kind of immediately recognizable aesthetic that only a selection of a few number of brands throughout the history of furniture production enjoy. This is a company that is on with all of the finest design houses around the world, and Mattiazzi chairs (as well as other pieces of furniture that they produce) have the traditional quality right off of the assembly line.


Italian producers of fine furniture since 1979

As mentioned above, this company was originally established when the Mattiazzi brothers – Nevio and Fabiano – decided to begin producing only the finest chairs available, manufactured out of wood and only the highest quality wood available as well. Before that, they were subcontractors that produced chairs for other brands. Nevertheless, and at some point, they decided to design their own chairs and since then they came up with surprising shapes, praised by designers community and customers.

The early designs were immediately striking for their simplicity, but that really undersold the complexity that went on behind the scenes. Some of the curve formats used are difficult to accept as made of one single wood piece.

Both of these brothers utilized amazing technological advances paired with old world craftsmanship to produce the kind of chairs that had never been seen before.


Combining old school craftsmanship with next generation technology

It is this unique combination of old school craftsmanship with next generation technology that continues to cement the Mattiazzi name at the top of the furniture design world today.

With each major new technological advance made in this industry, the Mattiazzi team incorporates these advantages into the workflow, coming up with new designs that utilize world craftsmanship and a modern mid-century  aesthetic that can only be created through the combination of ancient and brand-new approaches. Although they implement new technology in their production, the handy craftwork continues to be the main characteristic of the brand, contributing to the local development and maintaining tradition.


Perfecting the mid-century modern aesthetic since day one

Ever since the very first chairs and pieces of furniture were designed by the Mattiazzi brothers, this company has had a distinctly modern mid-century aesthetic about it. This kind of flair continues today, and it is what brings hundreds of thousands of customers to the company each and every year and will continue to bring these customers to the company every year from now on.

Their work is not just about producing chairs. It’s about exploring wood as a piece of art, exposing all its beauty in the shape of chairs. They use different kinds of wood to make unique pieces that will make all the difference wherever they are.

There’s just something distinct and altogether authentic about a Mattiazzi chair or a Mattiazzi piece of furniture that is impossible to replicate. The quality of the finishes and the natural colours used, try to keep the original characteristics of the wood giving them an old school appearance and a distinct design.

Even those that have tried to knock off these designs haven’t been successful, and that’s because they are missing the soul of the wood furniture that the Mattiazzi brothers have worked so hard to include in every piece they’ve helped to create or influence.