In April 2013, the famous American furniture design brand for office, Herman Miller announced the acquisition of the company Maharam Fabric Corportation (Maharam). Created in New York City, Maharam offers a portfolio of high quality designer fabrics for the varied business areas, including health, hospitality and residential areas. This acquisition could only be the perfect addition to the Herman Miller brand portfolio because both brands share the same business philosophy and have a fairly similar historical record.


A perfect partership

Maharam was founded in 1902 by Louis Maharam with the aim of developing and offering a variety of high quality fabrics for several areas. The company has endured for four generations in the same family, which have led to growth and an exponential evolution from United States to an international market. This growth allowed the brand to become a market leader, with a strong international presence turning out to be a renowned brand.

The several fabrics are produced and manufactures in partnership and by collaborating with famous product designers and textile producers. This dedication to the design industry is one of the companies’ pillars and allows offering devotion and unique commitment to each of the products developed. The operational and production expertise attached with a customer-focused marketing strategy, was other pillar that totally transformed the company. The result of this dedication turned out to be a worldwide presence in the segment of interior design.

Herman Miller’s former CEO, Brian Walker, trusted that “The combination of Herman Miller and Maharam is a natural and complementary union anchored in our shared values and built on years of business cooperation and personal friendship. Our respective and combined operational strengths and resources provide immediate, mutual strategic leverage”.

This relationship offers more than 200 years of success with a strong and reliable presence, offering all clients and business partners several benefits and added value.

The creative director from Herman Miller, Ben Watson adds “The cultures of the combined organizations are highly compatible—we share an unwavering dedication to authored design, product innovation and operational excellence in service to our customers. We are also unified in our commitment to sharing our success with employees and in giving back to our communities through environmental sustainability and socially responsible business practices.”

Herman Miller desires to maintain Maharam’s essence, so this way both companies can mutually grow while joining synergies to create the best possible products to its clients.


About Maharam

In 1902, a Russian emigrant named Louis Maharam, created the homonymous brand and began selling fabric scraps carrying a handcart around eastern New York. After several generations, the company has grown into one of the largest design and performance fabric companies of the 21st century.

Today the company is recognized for its involvement in a variety of disciplines such as product, graphic design, art and architecture. Such involvement allows the company to offer a product focused on aesthetics and performance, regardless of its application or price, and providing a comprehensive and detailed solution to all customers’ needs. This can only happen because of the team of creatives, engineers and designers who develop a cohesive and balanced solution to all needs and applications.

The brand also have a concern about innovation and beauty of each product and in creating a perfect balance between technology, tradition and elegance. It has a necessity to pay tribute to design icons such as Bauhaus and Wiener Werkstätte as well as to offer a different and innovative perspective by partnering with modern designers like Hella Jongerius, Scholten & Baijings, fashion designer Paul Smith, German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic , amongst others.

Currently, the brand has its textiles displayed at the permanent collections of the Chicago Art Institute, MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and many others. In 2007, Maharam won the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Patron Award for its dedication to design and cultural initiatives.

Maharam is undoubtedly a 21st century icon in the design industry, developing innovative and sublime textiles for a variety of environments: from hospitality, commercial spaces, health, and residential areas. The brand focuses on developing textiles that offer a unique diversity and functionality, dedicated to the needs of society in general and each customer individually.

The partnership made in 2013 with Herman Miller has allowed both companies to offer an even more detailed focus on each client’s needs. Together, they have been developing bold and innovative products that elevates their customers’ experience. This innovation combined with dedication for good design and quality materials, makes every product incredibly durable, edgy and elegant.

We invite you to discover the wide collection of textiles that have been developed since the partnership begun. You will certain recognize its quality and potential and how they will transform your comfort and experience.