Magis is relatively a new brand which originally started in 1976. It was founded in Italy by Eugenio Perazza and since then it never slowed down its rise in the furniture industry. The story of Magis is one of ever rising upwards, taking the industry as a whole by storm with their innovative design, exceptional quality and artistic approach that has led them to become one of the front runners in terms of both quality and innovation. It is now exporting 85% of their production into over 80 different countries, always seeking to improve both the exceptional nature of their work and accessibility to consumers across the globe. Some products have such an admirable design that are exhibited in some of the most important museums in the world like MoMa, in New York, Victoria and Albert Hall, in London, and Centre Pompidou, in Paris.

Magis is built upon a foundation that seeks to carve a new path for the future of the industry. And they did. It was only possible through the brand’s huge factory setup. By fusing the industrious nature of its contractors with the artistic prowess of its expert designers, Magis have never lost of sight the beauty and the quality of the true Italian design. This approach has allowed the research and development side of the business to flourish in an atmosphere of flexibility, something much more important in this era of increasingly sophisticated technological processes.


The insurpassable Magis’ furniture

Magis offers a wide variety of products, all in keeping with the core values and unique approach of the brand. Magis uses a large variety of different techniques and materials in creating these products, allowing every single item to be tailor made for both its utility and its artistic design. No matter what piece is, there will always be a space where it totally fits. Aside the beautifull design and its quality, Magis products always take in consideration the practical use of everyday life, being designed to be used and not untouchable pieces that you are afraid of using. Many of their pieces are beautifully disruptive and out of the box, just like pieces of art.

Among these products we find a wide range of products for inside home. From simple chairs, chaise longues, sofas, armchairs, coat stands, umbrella stands, drawers, shoe racks, coat hangers, tables and even stools for your kitchen counter. You could very easily outfit your entire home with a variety of Magis designs.

Even if you have children, there’s something for them too. Magis has created a kids range called “me too” a collection composed by pieces designed on purpose to kids. They aren’t adult pieces resized for children, but they are specially designed thinking about them and what they like, from furniture to unique and safe toys. They encompass the unique and sleek design that is found in Magis designs.

Magis also boasts an array of different outdoor products, in case you are looking to outfit your garden with their brand, as well as public seating systems and benches should you be looking to supply furniture for an office space or something else in the public arena. But these outdoor products have no similarity with any other outside furniture. They have the same uniqueness, character and quality of Magis design and they tell why the Italian design is so well known in the world.

Whatever is your need for home, outside or even your office, you will find an inspired, charming, useful and different product. With Magis you can’t go wrong with their exceptional standards of quality, never ending desire to improve and a commitment to unending excellence among their designers which is often forgotten in the modern furniture industry.