Maars Living Walls

There are workplaces that looks like they came from another world. The Maars Living Walls office partition walls will definitely exceed expectations.
Founded in 1946 with its headquarters in Harderwijk, in the Netherlands, Maars Living Walls offers innovative solutions for indoor spaces. These partitions can be placed in offices, health spaces, airports, educational and hospitality spaces. With these solutions Maars wants to guarantee innovation, performance, creativity and magnificence – all in one partition wall.
The brand’s mission is to develop relocable and customizable high quality walls. In this way, Maars assures a greater performance and productivity within workplaces. There is, it is possible to create and recreate spaces in line with the coworkers needs and also with the company growth. Besides, the aesthetics and functionality are never left behind.
The products of this brand are so well conceived and internationally recognized that its clients are giant companies as Microsoft, IBM, Google, General Electric and Dow Jones. These clients trust Maars Living Walls to develop and build spaces accordingly with their teams activities, allowing, therefore, a better performance.
The brand overcome the limits of what it’s expected from a company with its modular walls solutions, as they were design with one’s space and its surroundings in mind.
Maars Living Walls dedicates itself to sustainability. In this field, the brand as a motto: “I build an excellent space. I am sustainable. I am developed through wonderful natural materials. In the future I can be recycled. A strange thought. I feel fine because I am well produced”.

Maars Living Walls – Admirable office partition walls

The office partition walls from Maars Living Walls allow the building of walls in any space, in order to suppress the needs of the coworkers. The brand’s portfolio is constituted by a great range of market leader solutions, so the company’s performance can be increased.
With a special focus on the modular partitions world, the brand understands the necessities regarding the market and the new ways of working and living. These partitions are, therefore, a complete solution and customizable for any workspace, independently of the field.
Brian Walker, Herman Miller’s president and CEO, stated that Maars Living Walls is the company which understands the current workspaces and design solution with that in mind. According with Walker, “the clients look for flexible and modular environments increasingly, so the brand offers that exactly and even with a focus on innovation and design”.

Office partition walls

Maars Living Walls have a wide portfolio with the most distinctive office partition walls. These are, essentially, made out of glass but each one of them has a different function than the others according with the needs of each workplace.

Within the portfolio it is possible to find:

  • Double Glazed Walls – glass office partition walls that keeps the room private either way. In this line, the partition can be crafted with a sandblast, can have blinds and alternate between being transparent and opaque.
  • LineaCube – This solution allows having a room with glass walls in the center of a openspace. The LineaCube won already the prize of Best Design at NeoCom 2016. It works just like a usual meeting room, with its own ventilation, sound insulations, light and electric installation.
  • Solid Steel Walls – These partitions can have several aesthetic options in steel, combining it with melamine and the vinyl’s flexibility. The combinations are also customizable.
  • Acoustic Walls – the name says it all. These partitions provide unparalleled sound insulation in the areas where they will be placed.
  • Fire Rated Walls – In its majority, Maars Living Walls partitions are fireproof – even if they’re glass made or modules with doors. The office partition walls are able to hold up to 120 minutes.

Besides these solutions, the brand have also fireproof glass doors solutions, media solutions, integrated presentations, and many others. But that’s not all: Maars provides a custom made service, in order to better suppress the needs of its clients.

Maars Living Walls and its partners

Within Maars portfolio there is some lines of products (such as Lalinea) which was developed in partnership with architecture companies.

These partnerships bring a unique specialization and a expertise to the products, taking their functionality and quality to a higher ground. In the case of the line Lalinea, there is a group of features as ventilation, sound insulation and absorvation, data integration, electric energy and sound, lighting and ceiling.

The features allow the users to have all the necessary resources to have their work done near them. And, consequently, to enhance their performance at work.

Maars Living Walls history

Little after the end of World War II, in 1946, L. Maars founded a fluorescent lighting company in the netherlands. The company rapidly became one of the biggest distributors of Philips’ lighting components.

With its growth, the expansion of the portfolio was inevitable. And so it began to manufacture ceiling, walls, office partition walls solutions and temperature control systems. And this was how Maars Living Walls built a diverse and complete solution with ceilings, walls, air and lighting.

Nowadays, the brand is recognized internationally by its high quality, flexibility and functionality products. Their adaptable and customizable office partition walls enhance, definitely, the coworkers performance. This is due to the brand’s research and development its market, designing, therefore, solutions that respond to its clients needs. The commitment in quality materials, manufacturing expertise, design and functionality are the company’s pillars in the development of each product with a special approach.