Bar tables

Joining functionality and daring design in only one piece of furniture is not a simple thing. However, that’s a clear feature in Luxy’s bar tables. These are presented by the Italian brand in a collection that gives primacy to the distinct design.

Nowadays, different needs are emerging constantly, and it is important to have decorative pieces of furniture that follow and adjust to this ongoing paradigm change. By its simple, right and smooth lines, Luxy’s bar tables adapt themselves to the most diverse contexts, such a dining or a coffee table. These are unobtrusive pieces of furniture, that camouflage themselves into any decorative environment and make it practical and functional.

This happens due to Luxy’s focus on comfort, originality and distinction throughout all of its furniture collection. The brand’s portfolio a perfect approach to cosmopolitan and modern life. Therefore, the Italian brand offers effective solutions to all kinds of contexts, in order to satisfy all kinds of needs and demands of its clients. With a great variety of distinct and high-quality furniture ranges, one can highlight the office and home functional and elegant pieces. So, the bar tables line could not be any different, since it is designed to offer one’s days a touch of modernity.


Luxy’s bar tables – three models for any common area

Luxy’s tables represent more than a piece of furniture aesthetically pleasant. These are practical and adjustable bar tables, that fit perfectly in any context and environment. That is, without doubt, the basis of the Italian brand’s concept since it bets on creating furniture pieces that gather aesthetics with ecologic raw-materials (in a today’s global needs consciousness as its ultimate goal). In this way, and within its table range, the brand suggests three distinct options: inQuadro, inCrocio and inTondo. These pieces adjust themselves to any space and help decorate it.

Regarding these ranges, the stainless-steel basis – that can be round, squared or crossed – are the key. The attention cannot be divided about this detail, which give the name to the different bar tables models. Each basis supports the table legs of different sizes and the, round, squared or foldable table lids. There is an adjustable option, so the tables can easily be transformed and better fit their purpose. That is, they can turn into a comfortable dining table or into an elegant coffee table, depending the needs of the moment. For this reason, these tables are perfect for any decorative space, bringing, saying, one’s home all the comfort, functionality and light one needs.


Luxy inQuadro – bar tables for a stylish decoration

A stable basis is fundamental for the endurance of a table. This feature makes it safe and steady, besides defining all the other lines. The inQuadro line have a squared basis, available in white, black or chromed. Its column can have the same colours as the basis and its height varies between 47cm and 71cm, or 72cm and 1,09m. The inQuadro bar table’s lid varies regarding the available shapes (round or squared) and diameter (59cm or 79cm, depending on the shape).

This dining and bar table line can fit into a home or in an elegant and casual restaurant, since its lines are straight and discreet.


Luxy inCrocio – versatile living room tables for a major comfort

The inCrocio range is, probably, the most original due to its unique and elegant crossed basis. These are specially indicated for more cosmopolitan and relaxed environments. The brand bets, within this line, in small surprising details. The living room and bar tables are available in white, black and chromed and with different heights – 36cm, 69cm or 1,02m. However, the height can also be adjustable: between 47cm and 71cm or 72cm and 1,09m. Again, the lid can be round or squared, but there is a difference from inQuadro line – there is the possibility of having a double lid, so they better support all kinds of elements.

The inCrocio tables adapt themselves to all kinds of surrounding areas and environments. And by that, they can perform as a dining table at home or at a restaurant, as well as a common area in an office.


Luxy inTondo – the elegance of a timeless bar table

Last, but not least, there is the timeless elegance only a rounded basis table can show. Luxy inTondo is, therefore, the Italian brand range with a rounded basis available in chromed, white and black with a steady or adjustable column. Its steady height is 36cm, 69cm or 1,02m and the adjustable varies from 47cm and 71cm, and 72cm and 1,09cm. This way, the inTondo bar table adapt itself depending on the environment. Regarding its lid, it can have a squared, rounded shape and be or not foldable. The lid’s colour tones are also available in chromed, black and white, so that can cover all kinds of styles and preferences.

Luxy’s inTondo tables are ideal to cosy social environments, as a pub or a modern and cosmopolitan bar.


Luxy – its sustainable spirit updated

Founded in 1979, it was in the northeast Italia that this recognized brand was born. Initially dedicating itself to office chairs production, the brand was evolving to other home, social environment and workspaces furniture pieces. Its great success was strengthened by its practical philosophy, but also by its alliance with prestigious designers, that gave more elegance and functionality in all the brand’s furniture ranges.