Decorative stools with a different and alternative design? That’s one of the strong features of Luxy. Being comfortable, ergonomic and with looks capable of providing originality to any environment, nobody will stay indifferent to the Luxy’s range of counter height bar stools.

Focused on providing the best design and comfort to its clients, Luxy’s decorative stools are one of its more revolutionary solutions. Therefore, these were designed to be visibly beautiful and comfort, adapting themselves to the most diverse surroundings e contexts. When choosing a stool, one can find difficult to encounter a the most wanted comfort. And so, people end up choosing low and more stable stools.

For that reason, the two collections designed by Luxy go against all expectations. Attractive lines and with proved comfort thanks to the materials and the shapes are in the foundation of these unique pieces of furniture. These are perfect counter height bar stools to have at home, in the kitchen or at an open space, they are adaptable to an office environment, to a modern and minimalistic dining hall or at a bar full of character. Besides, and through their simple lines, they are timeless and neutral pieces, fitting in the most diverse decorative atmospheres. Therefore, this dynamic solution meets anyone’s needs, adding some charm to the space itself.


Luxy’s counter height bar stool – authentic design in exclusive environments

If the moto is maximum comfort, the aesthetics comes right after it in every piece of furniture designed by Luxy. In this way, and for every range of stools, the Italian brand developed two models of counter height bar stools with backrest, in order to provide maximum commodity.

Both collections are versatile and meet lounge spaces or meal courts of all kinds. In neutral colours, as black and white, will fit perfectly either in more colourful areas as in more classic ones, both at an indoor or outdoor space.

One can decorate a cosy space at the garden or a kitchen high table. These pieces also fit in any bar or restaurant and invite people to a coffee break during a day of work. Following this thought, the Luxy’s counter height bar stools divide themselves in two distinct ranges: Luxy Ribelle, with original lines, and Luxy Epoca, with smooth and rounded lines.


Luxy Ribelle – elegance of a retro designed stool

The Luxy Ribelle line is the brand’s first collection designed to both indoors and outdoors spaces. Its counter height bar stools with backrest show exactly the brands philosophy: a strong aesthetic identity, that does not have influence the functionality this type of seating must provide. For that reason, the front corners are cut and putted on a lower ground – so it is easier to seat and get back up at any moment. This shape allows to keep a good body posture, since the stool also have a feet rest.

On the other hand, by being ergonomically designed and having simple lines, the counter height bar stools Luxy Ribelle are a true retro inspiration, which will give a unique and through-back touch to one’s space. For indoor environments, the metallic versions are the only ones available. These tones bring an old refinement to the spotlight and align themselves perfectly with environments full of light. For outdoors, the Luxy Ribelle garden stools are available in colours such as yellow, brown or green, being perfect to bring joy to any exterior space.


Luxy Epoca – When counter height bar stools linger in time

Another Luxy’s counter height bar stool line is the Epoca collection. Ergonomic, adaptable and timeless due to its lightly rounded lines, this was the first Luxy’s project reinterpreting a stool as a flexible and multitask piece, adapting itself from the most formal to the most relaxed environments. The backrest stools Epoca have different types of upholstery and a leather version, with many colours to choose from, regarding one’s needs. The seat also counts with a raised effect finishing, which makes it even more comfortable.

Luxy Epoca offers, therefore, a line of counter height bar stools with feet support made from black, white or chromed polypropylene. There is also a swivel version with a four chromed feet base, ideal to give comfort to any kind of bar or coffee shop. Moreover, the brands make available a rounded base version, adjustable to a height between 58.5cm and 85cm. This last one is also ideal for any cowork space or for a home office, if one wants to save space. Therefore, besides the comfort that shows up by its exquisite finishings, the simple lines are discrete and never go out of style, whether the environment in which they are being used.


Luxy – a brand with a strong environmental personality

There is no doubt the union and passion make everything stronger. By that, the extremely focused Luxy’s vision takes the brand to the stars. The Italian brand wants every piece of furniture to offer an innovative and exclusive solution to its clients. Naturally, Luxy can make it possible. In addition, the brand also has comfort and ergonomic values that turn counter height bar stools in a comfortable solution to one’s home, office, bar or restaurant.

The chosen materials, besides being of the finest quality, are 90% recyclable and the pieces of furniture have a 5-year warranty. This concern about the environment led Luxy to be rewarded with several environmental certifications. The Italian brand exceed itself day after day through exclusive pieces that are produced with a real concern about the user’s health and environmental protection, without neglecting the needs of Luxy’s costumers.