Modular sofas and chairs

To adjust, reorganize and change the office layout. The modular sofas and chairs by Luxy will enhance the space’s spirit through their charming design.

Known for presenting contemporary, daring and elegant solutions for decades, the Italian furniture brand’s mission continues to follow its path: to create high quality design pieces that overcome all limits. Compromised with setting up original and distinct spaces, Luxy continues to deliver new and pragmatic pieces to face the demands from its clients due to their daily life. Therefore, it is possible to find, in every brand’s piece, little details that make them intuitive and deliver its purpose perfectly.


Modular sofas and chairs by Luxy

Deep down, modular sofas and chairs are pieces that one loves today and can change tomorrow, whatever and whenever one wants, without having to spend a fortune renovating the space or furniture. The possibility of creating a unique combination of chairs and sofas to have exactly what one is looking for, and to be able to adapt and add furniture to what is already in the room, makes these pieces of furniture by Luxy an essential good to any home or public space. With all this dynamism and variety of styles it will be certainly easier to get the look that fits better to the people and the context.


Dynamic, daring and limitless modular systems

All modular sofas and chairs by Luxy are products made with several years of hard work and dedication, and were created to meet the need of having a sofa or chairs easy to adjust to anyone’s style and taste. Therefore, besides the appealing design (that goes from simple to transcendent) and the great comfort, the best characteristic of these pieces is the easy installation.

In this way, it is always possible to change the image of a space in a blink of an eye. Anytime one wants, with the possibility to choose diferente sizes, patterns and colours, one will have a versatile space, which will also adaptable to the needs of the people and of a specific moment.

Every Luxy’s modular sofas systems presents models that will make anyone fall in love at first sight due to its apparent aesthetic diversity, covered by unique and surprising details. With distinct platforms of different shapes and sizes, it is possible to obtain the most diverse geometric shapes, alignment and visual elements truly comfortable.

With an amazing variety of individual items capable of being put together, the brand’s sofas and chairs allow this playfulness with different backrests and seats, in order to better fit any position or situation. The chairs, however, will be the best solution to big events and large spaces, such conferences or big meetings -, that demand other organisation with rows of chairs.

In any case, the lines, colours, materials, finishings and the whole design assume themselves as a huge asset by incorporating more charm, luxury and sophistication to one’s space.


The diverse ranges of Luxy’s stackable chairs and sofas

Some of these modular sofas and chairs collections, such as the Epoca and Essenziale, are also stackable. That means they are pieces easy to pack up and to transport. These are incredible with a unbeatable performance 2 in 1 systems.

And, to let no one and no situation out, Luxy went beyond the established paradigm and made available more modular with an exclusive design pieces.


Cluster modular chairs – when imagination has no limits

It is now a paradigm for people to prefer personalized and tailored made elements. But, when it comes to furniture, what does that really means? The Cluster chairs range is the answer to that question.

Now composed by twelve modules, the cluster chairs, as it happens with the modular sofas, are the first seating solution truly personalized on the market, since it is the client that chooses its shape, its design, the aesthetic elements and the basis that better fits their needs. All these features are chosen with the function of the chair in mind, as well as the context in which it will be used. Finally, the client chooses the upholster that likes the most – either for outdoors or indoors. Hardly there will be two equal chairs.

The cluster system aim is to create parameters for a seating solution without following rules or patterns already existent. The aim of this system is also to leave space so the client feels free to create their environment. The collection has even a great range of stools that can be personalized and modular, meeting one’s functional and aesthetic needs.


Ponte modular sofas – sophistication, comfort and luxury quality

The Ponte modular sofas range has seven items that reveal its polyhedral geometry to make its structure be variable, while maintaining a strongly recognizable style. This line goes beyond the regular sofa in order to become a true sofa system that can be arranged and re-arranged. One can have a straight, curved, round and bifacial sofa easily – the combination of shapes and colours are endless.

Besides, all upholstered elements of the Ponte sofas are conceived to highlight its perfection, comfort, durability and aesthetic quality.


Modular sofas Puzzle – the easiest and versatile jigsaw

Puzzle was created by the idea that three unique elements could be combined in endless movable geometries. Therefore, the modular system Puzzle is composed by twelve pieces that can be combined in a single piece of design furniture capable of letting its mark through its humble and simple personality and diversity, always with the quality of Italian design stamp.

The Puzzle modular sofas, with straight lines and cubical or rectangular geometry, were designed with diverse patterns, colours and upholsters. This jigsaw can be easily relocated, since its structure and composition vest in lightness and simplicity.