Patio lounge chairs

There is a chair anyone wants to have at home. It is ideal to relax, but also to give a charming touch to any environment. Therefore, the patio lounge chairs by Luxy excuse any presentations: with it, comfort is guaranteed.

A space that invites to moments of relaxation asks for a lounge chair. And, if it has exquisite lines besides its comfort, the chair has everything to turn that space in a cosy and full of personality environment. The Luxy’s patio lounge chairs convey this feature only by observing them. This is one excellency collection designed by the Italian brand that have comfort and ergonomics in its centre.

Luxy’s great purpose is to offer quality in every space that are included in one’s daily routine. Therefore, its chairs, sofas and stools will meet the professional and social paradigms, even being constantly changing. The brand presents several ranges of ergonomic, innovative furniture that is made with renewable materials, to respond to nowadays environmental crisis. The patio lounge chairs line is no different, being ideal to be used on an open space office or hotel, as well as at the comfort of one’s home.


Luxy – chairs with guaranteed comfort

Every space needs a relaxed an enlightened environment regarding the current times. These spaces invite to a moment of relaxation to read, write or even to begin the innovative project one is thinking about for so long.

Does anybody imagine an airport without a lounge area, with comfort chairs where one can peacefully for their flight? Or even a common area of an office without armchairs, sofas or chairs where one can sign off work? What about one’s home or garden? Wouldn’t a design chair fit perfectly to read and rest after one more day of hard work? Thinking about the current needs, the patio lounge chairs by Lux adapt themselves to environments and decorative styles, so one’s comfort can be guaranteed in any situation.

The brand offers, therefore, a variety of colours and patterns that fit both in formal or casual environments. Besides, and due to their simple lines and timeless finishing, these pieces do not jeopardize any decorative style. In addition, these chairs add value and quality by being ergonomic and high-quality pieces of furniture, with five years of warranty.


Luxy’s patio lounge chairs – elegance is the word

A patio lounge chair by Luxy fulfils any spaces and surprise who has the opportunity to cross paths with it. At an office, it can also work as a waiting room armchair and assemble meeting areas, and serve as muse to great ideas. And so, they are not just an elegant touch to the decoration, they also are a cosy and relaxed feature.

With curved lines and a larger seat, these are pieces that allow one to rest and disconnect for a while, at work or at home. Their structure invites one to relax in style and to be more productive after that pause.  Within Luxy’s range, there are several models with attractive colours, that meet any needs of the users.


Distinct patterns and basis for unique patio lounge chairs

Going beyond its higher quality, a design chair like this will only add value to one’s daily routine. The Luxy’s patio lounge chairs are made with different styled basis and seats made with a cold foam. This feature makes the seating pleasantly comfortable and the chair even more stable.

Their triangular base is ideal for those who appreciate a touch of originality in a piece of furniture. Therefore, green, yellow, grey or black chairs with a chromed basis will be always an option. For professional contexts, a patio lounge chair white or black with four legs in polished aluminium will add value to a more formal and neutral environment. These chairs are also available with a round or crossed basis and even in neutral colours, so no decorative line will be broken.

These lounge chairs are available in strong, bright colours and with alternative patterns, for more lively spaces. Thought to add beauty to an elegant hotel, an airport lounge area or library, the pieces invite to a comforting pause moment.


Luxy – when luxury enters your life

For a long time, the Italian Luxy counts with luxury partnerships to develop its high-quality and elegant furniture collections. Prestigious designers, most of them Italian and internationally recognized such as Favaretto & Partners, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas or even the Air Design Studio, are authors of these elegant patio lounge chairs and work side by side with Luxy.

These bet in quality and design has given them awards as Good Design, HIP as Neocon, Neocon ADI and Grandesdiagnetico. These happens because, besides the ranges the brand develops, it combines naturally the most recent technologies with the most ecological materials, without forgetting the essence of an artisanal and personalized production.

All this makes this a brand consolidated in the market, which, by its turn, translates into more commitment and respect for the current needs of its clients. In this way, its ai mis only one: to be better day after day and to continue to develop alternative and relevant furniture to all daily routines and current paradigms.