Design Chairs

Is it possible to take the best of Italian design home or to the office? With Luxy’s design chairs, it is.

It is no secret that Luxy brings out unforgettable pieces of furniture. Each of its products is completely unique, avant-garde and unrepeatable. In a nutshell, a true work of art.

Sophistication, ergonomics and innovation are concepts that lead the way to the production of this brand. Combining aesthetics and functionality in a perfect manner, Luxy demonstrates that a design piece of furniture can be simultaneously luxurious and pragmatic.


Luxy’s design chairs DNA

The design chairs by Luxy were the cornerstone of the origin and development of the Italian brand itself. Founded in 1976, Luxy’s brand started to produce chairs in a small workshop in the Italian northeast side.

Years went by and its growth did not stopped. So, the brand started to produce sofas, upholstered chairs, armchairs and other seating solutions. Luxy grew considerably and its products became more and more elegant, durable and recognized in the furniture business.

This evolution extended itself to this day, as the Italian brand established itself irrepressibly in the market, exporting to over 40 countries around the world.

Each one of Luxy’s pieces produced today is brought to life following a common genesis – the first design chairs of this brand.

Until this day, the traditional Luxy’s chair figure and the careful production processes that gave it life in the early days are more than a common point between all the present pieces: they work as heritage. The result is a modern and avant-garde portfolio that do not jeopardize knowledge and tradition, offering, therefore, the best of authenticity and contemporaneity.


Design chairs by Luxy – The “Made in Italy” stamp

Whatever the context, the space or the decorative environment, in the Luxy’s chair portfolio there is a unique and luxurious answer to one’s demands.

Showing off the most claimed characteristics of italian design – glamour, durability, ergonomics and functionality – Luxy’s design chairs are complete pieces that will be the perfect for any environment.

Due to their unique, elegant and unprecedented lines, these chairs are true design pieces and will not go unnoticed at the rooms they will be.

Having within them a distinct and strong identity, Luxy’s chairs carry an important role out in the decoration of any space, adding a unique touch of sophistication to it.

Everything within the design chairs by the Italian brand was thought to the minimal detail. Regarding the aesthetic dimension, one can find typically italian lines, but also sophistication carrying out a central role within the chair. In order to offset this luxurious appearance, Luxy’s design chairs also have a minimalistic and a strong contemporary essence.

However, these chairs stand out due to characteristics beyond their appearance. Pragmatic, ergonomic and functional, Luxy’s chairs were specially produced to meet one’s specific needs and, consequently, do not neglect their functional dimension.

Keeping the comfort as a major importance factor, the design of these chairs makes them a real extension of one’s body, comforting it due to its optimized and highly ergonomic shape. The result is a seating experience incredibly convenient that will make one’s posture healthier.

The Continuous collaborations with many designers are the cause of the uniqueness behind every design chair by Luxy. The creative team responsible for the production of these chairs bring the best of the Italian design features to create exclusive and unforgettable pieces.


Design chairs… wherever the place

At the office, at home or even at public and hospitality spaces, Luxy’s chairs will, definitely, stand out from others.

With elegant lines, these chairs are usually highly adaptable solutions, able to to adapted to different contexts and environments. Their finesse is transverse to any decorative trend, allowing them to carry an important role out at any space.

Luxy’s design chairs come in all sizes, colours and shapes and have a transforming strength that leaves nobody indifferent.

Each one of the design chairs within Luxy’s portfolio has its own identity, but is also adjustable to different kinds of spaces. Ideal to offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitality spaces or even at one’s living room, the chairs of this Italian brand will add a unique touch to the already existing decoration. Besides these, the brand also offers a collection of conference room chairs, that can be stacked and easily organized.

In order to offer a great range of possible choices to its clients, the Italian brand makes available solutions regarding the diverse tastes, contexts and demands. From classical models to the more disruptive shapes, one will easily find what they’re looking for in this brand’s portfolio.


Luxy’s production cycle

With the highly quality stamp typically italian, Luxy’s design chairs obey rigorous quality control norms concerning their production process.

Luxy assures its pieces production process, monitoring every single manufacturing step of a piece, from the careful choice of materials to the finishing’s details of each product, and even the packaging and delivering.

Keeping for respect its major importance feature – the commodity of its clients – the brand produces design pieces that obey to high quality production processes. The result are products as the brands design chairs, that offer a complete and unique seating experience.


Luxy’s mission and environmental preservation

Luxy’s team states knowing they will not change the world. However, they also know that whoever sits on the brand’s chairs can do it.

A specialized and dedicated team works continuously to present avant-garde and creative and solutions that promise to transform the daily life of different people and environments.

Modern, exquisite and functional, the design chairs by Luxy are aligned with the needs of its clients and aim for improve, expedite and revolutionize their daily routines.

All of this takes process while maintaining sustainability and environmental preservation in mind.

At the centre of the Italian brand range of action there are consciousness and environmental protection principles. There is also a concern about the utilization of materials and production processes compatible with notions of ecological consciousness, promoting, therefore, a more sustainable manufacturing process.