Magnetic whiteboard

Sharing ideas. Brainstorming sessions. Efficiency. Productivity. Creativity. Competitivity. These are all keywords of the today’s business context and, in fact, these were the watchwords that led to the creation of Idea Paint and its products. The brand’s magnetic whiteboard is just an example of innovation that the brand is associated with.

Idea Paint was founded in 2002 by a group of university students during one of their usual brainstorming sessions. They then decided to wallpaper the study room’s wall with sheets to note and discuss ideas together. Rapidly, the walls were filled with paper sheets and memos and, due to that, the students started to look for a paint which could transform every wall in a surface that could be easily cleaned up after being written. To that date, the dry erase paint they were looking for did not exist. Due to that quick thought, the brand and its solutions were born.

Nowadays, the company is internationally recognized for its product’s quality, for its innovation and for its environmental sustainability’s promise. Besides, all of the brand’s products are the ultimate example of today’s creativity and brainstorming relevance. They also depict the founder’s history and the path they had to walk, since the brand’s conception until the credibility and prestige they have today. And that is the case of magnetic whiteboard undercoat paint.


Idea Paint’s magnetic whiteboard paint – promoting creativity and enhancing competitivity

A visual medium is always necessary in a meeting, so that all participants can visualize the ideas and make diagrams. However, now is not the time for chalkboards, corkboards or even flip-charts anymore. All these items already had its place in history but, today, they no longer meet the business and co-workers demands. Most of the times, these constitute restrictions regarding the room’s space, interfere with its aesthetics, do not allow to erase written content or even make fixing notes, memos or images a possibility.

With the intent of inspiring, stimulating and encouraging all the members of the team to reach their full creative potential in a daily basis, the Idea Paint’s founders developed high performance paints that turn any surface into dry erase boards. The Idea Paint’s portfolio is now (almost) complete, since it has magnetic undercoat paints and it delivers multifunctionality to mostly any plane surface. These are the same primers that transform that surface into a magnetic whiteboard.


Magnetic whiteboard – the very first step to let your imagination fly

The distinctive character of the Idea Paint’s magnetic whiteboard paint lies in its capacity of transforming a passive space in an active and interactive environment. Therefore, the collaborative spirit is stimulated and the creative process is accelerated in order to obtain the best results in a more efficient manner.

Having unbeatable benefits, these paints have rapidly stablished themselves in the international market in order to replace all of the obsolete and anaesthetic office boards. In this way, it is possible to use only what one has already available, such as walls and tables, to write and stick the more relevant notes at any time. Then, the ideas that became irrelevant during the brainstorming session are easily removed: it only takes a dry cloth to remove the ink or take the magnets off the surface.

The quality and innovation residing within Idea Paint’s magnetic whiteboard paint makes them the favourite of millions of people and entities, including multinational companies, start-ups, creative hubs and educational institutes. Even at home, these paints can be used is multiple surfaces to stick the shopping list and the daily domestic tasks updated, to hang pictures or even the children’s drawings.


Idea Paint’s magnetic undercoat – the invincible characteristics of the market’s leader

When painting any surface, it is always recommended an undercoat paint to obtain the best results. If one wants to have a magnetic whiteboard, this step is obligatory.

Thanks to innovation and cutting-edge technology, the Idea Paint’s Magnetic Primer is already a market leader. The fact is that, due to having twice as much strength than other similar solutions, the undercoat makes possible to hold more paper and even heavier textiles.

Besides all this, the magnetic undercoating has a really easy and intuitive application, so everybody can do it. During the application, the drying time will not create surface roughness and, therefore, the result will have a smooth texture and a clear-grey tone.

In order to create a magnetic whiteboard, after the undercoating application and its drying process, one only has to paint the choosen surface with the Idea Paint’s decorative paints – Create White or Create Clear. The primer can be coated with a conventional latex paint so one can have a magnetic and colourful surface.

And so, the brand’s magnetic paint represents a versatile and surprising solution to create a magnetic wall that also is a whiteboard. In surfaces coated with magnetic paint it is possible to make notes and diagrams of everything and even hang any kind of memos and images one wants.


Idea Paint’s magnetic whiteboard – Combining it with Create White and Create Clear paints

The Create White paint is the prodigal son of this brand and bypass any formal presentations. It is a white paint that can be applied on any smooth surface in order to create a whiteboard where it is possible to write on. Due to Create White not absorving the markers ink, it allows one to erase whatever were written on it without leaving stains. Even better, when the Create White paint is coated upon the magnetic primer one will have a true magnetic whiteboard.

The Create Clear paint, by contrast with Create White, is a transparent paint that can be applied in any kind of material. As the previous paint, one can write and erase without problems and, in combination with the Idea Paint’s magnetic undercoat, one can also hang its notes and memos with magnets. The only difference between the two is that, with Create Clear, it is possible to add some colour to the surface before coating it with the transparent paint.

With the strong magnetic force of Idea Paint’s Magnetic Primer and the high compatibility with diverse surfaces and paints, the perfect magnetic whiteboard is at anyone’s hand, at any moment, anywhere.