Magnetic wallpaper

The innovative american brand Idea Paint transform offices, work stations, schools and homes all over the world. How? Due to its transforming and dynamic solutions, such as the whiteboard and magnetic wallpaper.

The Idea Paint paints that can be administered in many surfaces are not the only innovative, economic and sustainable option to transform a surface in a whiteboard. With the Idea Paint’s peel and stick wallpaper it will be an easy, fast and ecological task so one can have a wall to let their imagination fly.

This Idea Paint’s solution have a regular peel and stick wallpaper application, but with a huge diference: after sticked to wall one will be able to write and draw on it, effortlessly erase everything and start again.


Idea Paint – The peel and stick magnetic wallpaper that will revolutionize your office

The advantages regarding the traditional whiteboards and endless! To begin with, this whiteboard and magnetic wallpaper is a cost-effective solution, due to its durability. With a ten-year warranty, this wallpaper keeps itself intact during a long period of time. This happens because the American brand’s products do not gather black or colourful marker’s stains, or even the so called “ghost-stains” – the ones that are faded, but insist in remaining on that surface.

The Idea Paint’s peel and stick magnetic wallpaper have also an easy application: it’s a fast and light task and one does not have to be a professional to do so. Besides all this, one can put the white board solution on the wall the way they want and best fit their necessities. Whether it be putted in a vertical position, or ever on curved walls, this Idea Paint’s wallpaper will always be flawless!


Create more space to creativity, with a minor ecologic footprint

Idea Paint is the brand that has this solution in its portfolio, which guarantees that it will never look artificial neither be uneven. The brand assures, therefore, a light and soft coating that it will always be in harmony with the rest of the white coloured wall where it is sticked.

Another great advantage of the whiteboard and magnetic wallpaper application is that it will create a clean environment in which one does not have to have an object that will make mobility more difficult. When being compared with the traditional whiteboards, these occupy more space than it was supposed to and also create a visually unpleasant aesthetics of the space in question. By that, the peel and stick whiteboard wallpaper one will have a clean solution, that, as it will be applied on a wall, never gets unnatural regarding the design or the environment of its surroundings.

The Idea Paint’s whiteboard and magnetic wallpaper are also easy to apply, ecological and create a writable high-performance surface in only 24 hours (which is time one have to wait until start to use its whiteboard wallpaper). Besides being environment friendly, this peel and stick wallpaper is safe to one’s health, since it is produced with PET (without harmful vinyl), low in VOC (an volatile organic compound that can be toxic) and since one can recycle it!


White Dry, Project Dry or Pull Magnetic – the different Idea Paint’s peel and stick magnetic wallpaper

Idea Paint presents diverse dry erase whiteboard wallpaper so that one can make the right choice accordingly with their necessities and requirements.

  • White Dry – This is the brand’s most basic peel and stick wallpaper. With endless advantages already known, by applying this solution, one will have a wall which is truly a dry erase board.
  • Project Dry Erase – Besides all the advantages of the least spoken wallpaper, this one creates an ideal surface for presentations. In this way, it is even easier for teams to collaborate and interact in meetings or brainstorming sessions. With this solution one can be presenting and, simultaneously, be writing in the wallpaper and complement their ideas.
  • Pull Magnetic – The Idea Paint’s peel and stick wallpaper got a beyond imagination upgrade. This dynamic solution is, in fact, a magnetic wallpaper that one can write on. In this way, one can display any important document by using magnets and let their creativity flow!


Where can the Idea Paint’s dry erase magnetic wallpaper be used?

The Idea Paint’s products, such as its paints or the diverse peel and stick wallpapers, are making thousands of costumers happy all around the world. The brand’s dry erase magnetic wallpaper has an added value as a work tool. Afterall, it makes employees closer together and encourage brainstorming, creativity and analysis skill, as well as collaboration between every co-worker.

Not only in companies, but also in co-working spaces, this peel and stick wallpaper proves its value. It is a powerful tool used in schools, universities and learning centres, being an interactive, dynamic and even fun to handle.

The dry erase magnetic wallpaper is also an innovative solution to apply in residential spaces, being used to amuse the children or for the grown-ups write their shopping list and other important notes.