Whiteboard decorative paints

Great ideas require time, space and planning. It is mostly necessary to explore creativity and turn it into something real. The Idea Paint’s decorative paints were created with that purpose, as they can transform themselves into dry erase white and colourful boards, where one can create and express whatever they want.

In a world that becomes more competitive each day, there is something that majority of professional contexts cannot miss: disruptive idea that usually reveal themselves after hard work and team cooperation. This union and cohesion of different perspectives is fundamental to go forward, but there are more elements that can contribute to success.

An enlightened open space that eliminates any kinds of barriers or a big, informal and modern meeting room can both be the key to a better communication e the gathering of synergies when in a brainstorming session or when planning new projects.

Due to all of that, and having the necessity of a more vibrant and digital professional background in mind, there are brands like Idea Paint. That is, its decorative paints are able to transform any wall into a dry erase whiteboard, where one can write and draw anything they want.


The endless possibilities of Idea Paint’s decorative paints

At home or in one’s work environment, there are not missing ideas about creating a space that breaths creativity and enhance thinking out-of-the-box. Have you ever considered transforming the wall of that time-forgotten corner? Or even the kid’s room, so they can write and draw freely, without damaging the walls. What about the kitchen? Can you imagine a space where the whole family can draw, write the domestic tasks, what to shop or to leave fun memos. The Idea Paint’s decorative paints bring that good energy and originality to one’s spaces.

Environment friendly, economical and easy to apply, they adapt to any smooth surface. They can also be applied on sand paint coated walls, where the coating is irregular, but have in mind that it is more difficult to erase the marker’s ink. The paints are available in white colour to achieve a smooth whiteboard effect, or transparent, so one can apply it on a colourful wall, without damaging it.


Idea Paint Create Clear: decorative paints for all environments

It looks like clear varnish, but in fact it is paint. This paint was created with the aim of maintaining the identity of the original wall in which it will be applied. So, Create Clear can be applied on wood, metal or on a coloured wall, adding a new function on it – it is now a creative board, where one can write without any kind of restrictions.

As of a 100% crystal clear finishing, these decorative paints pay tribute to the colourful surfaces. Therefore, they are meant to transform any corner of one’s house in a small space to create, without eliminating the original colour of the wall, furniture or any other surface. This paint’s versatility, linked to the fact that it is a dry wall paint, allows an easy cleaning a and maintenance – one only has to have an eraser or a dry cloth to erase the marker’s ink.

Idea Paint’s Create Clear is also easy to apply. It doesn’t require more than a single pass and its ready to be effortlessly used. On the other hand, by being a waterproof paint, it doesn’t let yellow stains appear with time or either it will deteriorate due to its constant usage. By that, Create Clear is the best way to engrave your ideas without having to have a whiteboard, jeopardizing the already existing decoration.


Idea Paint Create White: a whiteboard to let your imagination fly

There is no other love like the first one, neither there are decorative paints like the Idea Paint Create White. The brand’s first product continues to be at the top of the references, specially in corporative environments that require a lot of creativity flowing. Therefore, it allows one to turn any Wall, floor or furniture on a white canvas, with the size and form they want.

Its application is as easy as it looks like. One only has to let the surface dry before beginning to write, draw, plan or get to that one idea that might change the world. With a limited 10-year warranty, this dry erase, affordable and environmentally friendly paint is quite long-lasting, effective and easy to maintain, since it only requires an eraser to keep it as good as new.

Idea Paint Create White represents, therefore, a heavy contribute to a professional or learning environment, allowing to create without imagination or space limits. It has never been so easy to have a giant whiteboard to work with one’s team or to spend amusing times between family.


Idea Paint: great spaces to great projects

Enhancing creative spaces since 2002, Idea Paint was born from the conviction of bringing as many ideas to light as they emerge in its diverse contexts. And so, its mission is to inspire society to develop their creative potential, but also the relations between people.

Whether is paper, glass, wood, metal or plastic, there is no material that will resist the decorative paints charm, as they will give them a new function. Consequently, either at home or at work, having creation panels – such as the ones brought by these paints – are always an advantage in order to achieve faster and consistent solutions. Remember: ideas lead to more ideas, that lead to one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Include those values in your home and in your daily routine!