Idea Paint

Exploring creativity is no simple task and can be more difficult that one can imagine. And to help the mind having strong and out-of-the-box ideas… we have out-of-the-box solutions! Idea Paint whiteboard is anything but traditional.

There are several pillars that are essential in all business landscapes nowadays. Innovation and teamwork are two of them and both can not survive without creativity. Creativity is the cornerstone that leads to create new products and services with a hint of innovation and so, collaboration is essential to facilitate the creative process.

With the increasingly business competitiveness, both, large and small corporations are constantly looking to improve their efficiency and productivity. Just as the open space offices are a solution for a faster sharing of information between departments, a solution that can break barriers and make brainstorming more agile and easy remains a necessity.

It is in this creative context that Idea Paint comes into play. The solution of this brand is simple and in this case, the expression less is more truthfully materializes. The decorative paint of the brand transforms any surface into beautiful a whiteboard.

That white boards are a key piece in meetings and brainstorming is no longer something new to all companies. For sure whiteboards can give extreme efficiency when it comes to collaboration, also give the opportunity to organize thoughts, projects and even the company itself. However, these whiteboards also have some disadvantages. Because simply placing a giant whiteboard in the middle of an office is not that simple or not the straightforward process that should be.

The majority of whiteboards aren’t mobile and because of different dimensions do not fit in the different spaces of the company offices. Besides that the costs of purchase a whiteboard can exceed the company’s budget, especially for small businesses.

However, when using Idea Paint whiteboard solutions, all these problems disappear entirely in no time. Companies that focus on stimulating and letting their employees’ creativity flow have a easy alternative at their hand. Idea Paint ink is the answer to satisfy the much needed creative and organizational any company.


Idea Paint whiteboard and its endless creative possibilities

The decorative paint of the brand consists of a unique blend of chemicals and ingredients that enable it to dry white a more resistant way than any other white paints one can find. Thus, white high impact and high visibility, it is possible to write and erase the ink as if it were a traditional whiteboard. The big difference is that this solution can be the size and shape you want, and can be applied to diverse types of surface.

The composition of Idea Paint whiteboard ink allows to paint any surface just one time thus saving time a ink. It is possible to create white boards on small or bigger dimensions, one can totally cover walls or rooms completely a quickly with this solution. There aren´t any restrictions on the surface to be covered with this paint.

Idea Paint inks are completely innovative and original products that guarantee that any office or space have the opportunity to create and setup whiteboards in a creative and personalized form.


White surfaces with more texture and more attractiveness

There is an ideal Paint Idea for each and every one of us. Choose the right paint according to your tastes and needs as well the place you wish to apply it.

Open doors to any one creativity even on colored walls or furniture. With the brand’s Create Clear ink, you can keep the original form of your space. In this way one does not have to add a big white board or even have a white wall to replace it. Create Clear is a translucent ink that allows writing on a wall or furniture without losing the aesthetics of the space.

Create White ink is the brand’s classic choice. This white see through paint will instantly transform your space into a creative and sharing environment. Where you can write and erase at ease in any walls of your office or even your home.

All Idea Paint links have an easy application: literally just mix the two cans, wait a few minutes and you’re ready to use! Apply the same way as other traditional wall paints and wait to dry.

In order to achieve an excellent result it will be necessary to firstly apply a primary Idea Paint ink. The most traditional primaries inks of the brand are the Primer White, an ideal primary white to apply before the white Create White or Primer Clear, it is ideal to precede with the application of Primer Clear ink. The primaries will prepare your wall for better ink absorption, ensuring a more perfect application and durability.

An innovative option of the brand is the magnetic primary ink, which can be apply before the Create ink. In this way, you will have a magnetic white board on your surface of choice.

All Idea Paint inks and primaries can be painted on a multiple surfaces in a safe way. These paints can be applied in any wood, plastic,aluminum surfaces or furniture, slate surfaces and walls with any type of color ink of semi-gloss latex.


Idea Paint – a white board for great ideas

Idea Paint was founded in 2002 by two university colleagues who felt the need to express their ideas. When they covered their walls with papers to be able to write on them freely, they had the exclusive idea of creating an ink that would mimic a white board. Although it took them few years, alot of research and generous doses of persistence, the founders came up with the magic formula!

The mission of IdeaPaint is to inspire everyone to outstretch their creative potential in a daily basis. The great proposition of Idea Paint is to give the chance to anyone to transform any space into a dynamic environment that promotes creativity. Besides that, it also promotes and enhances cooperation, accelerates the creative process and helps to shape ideas in a and more accurate and analytical thinking. The brand wish to boost faster and more consistent results.

Idea Paint ink is already present in more than 15 thousand offices, schools, universities and homes, so great is all the results they provide.