Herman Miller Tables

Herman Miller, one of the most legendary furniture design houses anywhere in the world, is responsible for producing some of the most iconic pieces of truly American furniture.

One of the first companies ever to begin producing truly modern furniture, and heavily influenced by architects as opposed to traditional furniture design students, this is a company that really helped to usher in the mid-century, modern aesthetic that has become so timeless and so popular, and so quintessentially American.

While many people recognize Herman Miller for the high-end lounge and office chairs that they are responsible for producing, this is a furniture design house that produces a whole host of furniture pieces – including some of the most elegant, masculine, and totally inspired in the mid-century modern tables available anywhere.


Immediately recognized design heritage

You are going to be able to immediately recognize a Herman Miller table as a Herman Miller table, just because of the ability that designers at this furniture house have to really tap into the design heritage and history of this production house while creating new twists, using new technology, and leveraging new construction materials along the way.

Regardless of being you or someone else looking to purchase a Herman Miller side table, coffee table, or conference table you are going to be able to instantly recognize the heart and soul of this furniture house in every single piece.


Herman Miller tables aren’t just another flat surface

Some furniture companies are operating under the impression that a table is nothing more than a functional flat surface – but obviously, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Herman Miller tables.

Sure, these tables are first and foremost incredibly functional, but at the same time they continue with the kind of mid-century modern aesthetic that this company really helped to pioneer while also leveraging new materials, new technology, and new designs.

This gives these tables a unique look, feel and soul and it’s one that has really resonated positively throughout the furniture buying community.


Take it home or to the office

If you want a table for your dining room that will stand out from all the other ones, you can choose one from Herman Miller. Their design is graceful and elegant, and the finishes say everything about their quality. You have several models with the distinctiveness of the brand. It will make you feel good and think that it was a good option, when you gather your friends or your family around the table.

For the office, Herman Miller has a wide range of tables that suits all the environments, tasks, meetings or conferences. The beautiful top shapes are made of the best materials and the structures are simple but strong. The design itself is unique as in every piece produced by the brand. In your office you can have tables to work sitting or standing on your feet, you can connect all your devices without crawling or without having all the wires at sight. Having an Herman Miller table to work means working better.


These instant classics pair perfectly with other Herman Miller designs

Because the Herman Miller design’s “essence” permeates each and every single piece that this company produces, it should be absolutely no surprise to anyone that these tables are going to pair perfectly with other Herman Miller designs as well as other mid-century modern and modern furniture pieces.

At home or at the office, no matter what you already have there, there’s a table that will be perfect for your space. There’s a wide range of models for you to choose.

These tables will almost always become the centrepiece and focal point of any room that they have been placed in, but they still “play nicely” with other designs as well!