Office chairs and workbenches

If there are pieces this United States’ brand is recognized for, those are, definitely, the office chairs. The Herman Miller chairs are endlessly awarded and, obviously, well established in the office furniture market.

Ergonomic chairs as Aeron are already part of ta collective imagination, since they appear over and over in television series. However, all of the other are produced with the same dedication and attention to ergonomic details as well as design to function perfectly.

This American furniture brand is responsible for some of the most iconic chairs ever built. These pieces of furniture distinguish themselves by their high design and high-quality materials used during their production process.

The Herman Miller chairs are looked for globally, but also copied around the world – and its relatively easy to understand why. Each one of these chairs is a piece of art and a highly functional element to be added to any space. These are designed to be as ergonomic as possible, embracing the human body while creating an appealing visual aesthetics.

From office chairs to side and conference chairs, every single model of the brand is thought, designed and produced exclusively to its function. In this way, Herman Miller assure its clients will always be comfortable.


Office chairs that embrace the human body

Although the high-quality design has been an important feature over time, specially to the chairs Herman Miller produces, this company has always putted the combination between shape and function first. Those characteristics are harmonious and never overlap one another.

Each chair is the result of a deep ergonomics study in order to ensure one’s adaptation to all body movements and provide comfort even during a long working day. After these ergonomics studies, all models are submitted to usability tests by simulators that replicate its daily usage.

Herman Miller’s chairs are always designed to be, above all things, functional. Secondly, they have to adapt perfectly to the human body as if they were part of it and, thirdly, they are improved with high-quality design elements and other aesthetic features. All these characteristics make these office chairs desirable to anyone who come across them.


Ergonomic adjustments and elements of the office chairs by Herman Miller

In order to guarantee comfort during a working day, Herman Miller chairs have several elements that make them the well-being epitome. A lot of these end up being cross-cutting characteristics, mainly in relation to desk chairs.

These are:

  • Lumbar and sacral support – this element allows one to maintain a healthy posture during the day and to reduce backpain.
  • Balanced reclining – tilt with several blocking angles and adjustment of the backrest pressure so one can recline harmoniously.
  • Breathable materials – Picking up a chair in mesh or with upholstery (as it happens with embody and the Mirra 2’s Butterfly Back option), these materials allow one to maintain a comfortable bodily temperature.
  • Personalized adjustments – these office chairs are totally adjustable, from the chair’s height to the armrest angles, and even the seat’s length as well as the backrest’s pressure while reclining.

By its turn, the side or conference chairs have more simple ergonomic elements, but never see its comfort neglected. The ergonomics within these Herman Miller chairs goes through the materials flexibility and simplified tilt mechanisms.


Herman Miller chairs – an impressive design

The first thing one will notice about the Herman Miller office chairs is that they have an impressive design that is recognizable on the moment. Their aesthetics distinguishes them from all other chairs in the market, as well as other chairs that appear before them. These happens because these chairs take form due to its ergonomic elements and functions and not otherwise.

As stated before, each Herman Miller chair is an iconic symbol of design, engineering and manufacturing, that, since its beginning, becomes a timeless piece of this furniture company. There is something very special about this brand that makes it be a perfect representation of the mead-century design.

A great example of this is the Aeron chair, presented to world in 1994. Even though it has been around for decades now, this chair has kept is contemporality due to the comfort the technological advances allow it to have. This is one of the brand’s office chairs that stand out the most, being considered a Herman Miller’s masterpiece.

All of the other chairs produced by this company are an excellent representation of cutting-edge technology, spacial materials and high design. Each one of these share the same heart and soul, while capitalize only the best and most recent technological advances, but also the best materials currently available.


Hand-made, elegant trims

The production units of the Herman Miller’s office chairs have the most advanced technology, but they do not dispose human working force. Part of the chair’s trim is hand-made so it has a unique touch and to make shore it does not have flaws. Besides the differences in the finishes, Herman Miller’s people preference over machines to these tasks shows a true commitment with social responsibility – one of the many company values.

Each piece produced by Herman Miller will add a considerable weight and presence in any room – independently of any other elements present in that space. The brand’s chairs distinguish themselves from everything around them, no matter the design.

The design, the ergonomics, the high-quality materials and the finishes make this distinct office chairs and iconic and timeless masterpieces.