Herman Miller Collection

The designers and craftsmen at Herman Miller have been responsible for producing some of the most influential and iconic pieces of furniture for more than 100 years, and they show absolute zero sign of slowing down anytime soon.

George Nelson introduced the Herman Miller Collection catalogue in 1948. His words were “there’s market for good design” and time showed how right his belief was.  Since then a selection of design products like furniture, chairs and accessories were developed by talented designers and have been part of the different catalogues throughout the years.

Responsible for producing many furniture and architectural pieces from the Herman Miller collection that have gone on to win industry awards and global claim, this is a company that understands its heart and soul and knows exactly how to translate it’s very specific and instantly recognizable design language into pieces of furniture, accessories, and other design elements that are distinctly Herman Miller and no one else’s.

Herman Miller focus its product design and quality and not the number of units sold. The designers have all the autonomy to innovate and bring the freshness of their ideas to new and beautiful products. This is valid for the collection products as well as for all the other products by Herman Miller.

The collection is composed by unique and versatile products that are elegant and casual, beautiful and purposeful. They merge the past with the present and the future, and could have been used in the last century or can still be used in next century. Besides being durable they will always fit in one place.


A diverse collection of products to fit all needs

From residential furniture to office furniture, tables, desks, and the new Living Office initiative, the collection is full of distinctive pieces. Herman Miller collection also contains accessories and design elements that can be added to any space, large or small, to give it an immediate upgrade in style and timeless elegance that few other design houses are able to create as consistently as Herman Miller.

You won’t have any trouble whatsoever finding the perfect Herman Miller products to suit your needs right down to the ground, pieces that are going to add a tremendous amount of visual flair without being over-the-top or gaudy. This is the kind of style that is timeless, elegant, and immediately recognizable – the epitome of modern and mid-century modern aesthetics in a way that few other companies can get right, though many try their hand at creating subpar copies.


Some of the best furniture ever designed

As far as furniture is concerned, Herman Miller is responsible for producing one iconic piece after another. After all, we are talking about a company here that has been producing a handful of designs for decades, real stable pieces and staples of what it means to produce American furniture.

Each piece is not only designed to be visually arresting, but also support the human body while adding ergonomic features that have always added support to the body. Form and function are really married together at Herman Miller.


Products engineered to last a lifetime while retaining timeless style

Another huge reason so many people choose to purchase Herman Miller collection pieces is because they understand that these products are anything but a fad. Not only are they engineered and designed to look timeless and at place in any aesthetic and in any year, they are also crafted using only the finest construction materials and construction approaches to create collection pieces that will outlast most of the original owners.

Browse the Herman Miller collection at your leisure. You will not be disappointed.