Herman Miller – Nemschoff

In June 2009, American furniture brand Herman Miller announced the purchase of the company Nemschoff, Inc. Created in 1950 in Wiscosin, the brand takes pride in offering an innovative solution for health and commercial spaces. Its products go through a range of furniture developed with high quality materials, production expertise, unique comfort and a modern and innovative design. These characteristics make the Nemschoff the preferred choice in the healthcare industry and in commercial spaces.

Nemschoff believes that in order to create a unique portfolio, it is necessary to focus on the people and the way they work, in the development durable pieces and in a design that can improve the way we work, live and recover our health. There is a dedication to the functional design and product performance on our daily lives, regardless of the environment we are in.


The perfetc complement

Nemschoff acquisition by Herman Miller was made official on June 24, 2009. This acquisition brought a new universe to Herman Miller’s assortment of work space furniture.

Dedicated to the health industry, Nemschoff is a brand that develops innovative products. Its portfolio is unique, irreverent and offers a special focus and dedication to patient rooms in both clinics and hospitals. Providing to the health sector requires a strong care and knowledge due to the different existing elements, such as cables, oxygen and electrical support in everything that surrounds the patient. In order to offer this specialization, the brand works with clients, architects and designers in initial phases of projects in order to adapt their products to each individual need.

According to Herman Miller CEO Brian Walker, “For quite some time we’ve been talking about the importance of expanding the universe of customers we serve and the solutions we bring them. The recent downturn in the global economy has only reinforced how critical this is to our long-term stability and success. In the U.S. and globally, our populations are aging and growing. As a result, the demand for healthcare services continues to grow faster than the overall economy. Therefore, we have focused an ever-increasing amount of our strategic resources toward growing our product and solution portfolio for this customer segment.”

This acquisition and collaboration is an important step for Herman Miller’s strategic growth, allowing provide to a new market offering the knowledge already established about the human body and individual needs. Although the brand already offers some solutions for this branch, the addition of the Nemschoff brand allowed the growth of the portfolio and an acceleration and deepening of its strategy in the healthcare industry.

The health Department’s President of Herman Miller, Beth Nickels adds, “We are all excited by the new opportunities this creates for our healthcare business. The Nemschoff brand is among the very strongest in our industry and in combination with Herman Miller Healthcare and Brandrud we bring together more than 100 years of combined healthcare interiors knowledge, research, and experience. Together we provide the most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry.”

The portfolio this partnership offers guarantees solutions for the administrative spaces, waiting rooms, clinics, infirmary, laboratories and patient rooms. The designs of both brands complement each other so well it is possible to play with several products in order to create the ideal space. This variety of solutions also allows a wide variety of resources, designed to adapt to a wide range of markets. This way, it is viable to have a variety of solutions to meet the different budgets for each project.

Nickels further adds that “The cultures and capabilities of the combined organizations are also highly compatible—we share a dedication to quality healthcare through great products that enhance the caregiver, patient, and family experience. Each is also known for their focus on innovative design, quality craftsmanship, great value, reliable operational performance, and a genuine commitment to environmental sustainability.”


About Nemschoff, Inc

Leonard Nemschoff founded the company in 1950 in Sheboygan, Wiscosin. At the time there were other companies that were dedicated to the development of furniture, making the city known as the city of chairs.

The company’s focus and mission is, and has always been, the development of a portfolio of products offering solutions that can improve the experience of its users, focusing on a market where detail are central to its success. The brand guarantees a unique experience with quality durable products that can be adapted to the most diverse needs. These products are developed to meet the needs of each customer and made to project in an initial phase.

Even though the brand offers an assortment of products dedicated to the health sector, they can also easily adapt to other industries such as hospitality and commercial spaces since they offer a modern, functional and sophisticated design. These products can vary between tables of support, sofas, chairs and several accessories.

Fabrics’ selection offered in each range also allows to customize the products accordingly to your needs, making them even more appealing and elegant. This selection of fabrics is focused on the health sector where the hygiene and the process of cleaning products is important. For commercial he fabrics present varieties between cotton and wool.

Nemschoff has always been keen to offer a variety of different and edgy solutions with dedication to innovation and design. The partnership with Herman Miller brought together the knowledge and expertise of both companies in order to create thoughtful solutions for you and your needs.