Herman Miller – Maars Living Walls

In June 2018, American furniture brand Herman Miller announced the purchase of Maars Living Walls. Established in 1946 with headquarters in Harderwijk, Netherlands, Maars Living Walls offers innovative solutions in the private and public sector, whether is offices, healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics, airports, hospitality or universities. These solutions are guaranteed to deliver innovation, performance, aesthetics and creativity by creating relocatable walls that go far beyond expectations.

The brand’s innovative portfolio has market leading solutions in design, acoustic and fire proof relocatable walls, that allow to create dynamic spaces that adapt to every workers’ needs.

Maars’s mission is to develop relocatable high quality walls that can be customize, allowing an improvement on performance and productivity. This way it is possible to create and recreate spaces accordingly to the different necessities that arise throughout the day in the different spaces. Beauty and functionality is also something that is not forgotten when producing the product.

The products are so well received and recognized worldwide that brand’s customer base contains major global brands such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, General Electric and Dow Jones. These companies rely on Maars Living Walls to develop and create their work spaces according to all activities performed by each team, which allows a substantially performance improvement.

The brand surpasses all expectable limits with modular walls solutions, that are developed considering the space they are meant for, the surroundings and the need of each company.


Complete and innovative solutions

Maars Living Walls’s acquisition by Herman Miller was made official on June 6, 2018. This acquisition allows Herman Miller to offer a complete solution for its customers, creating spaces that guarantee maximum functionality and performance.

Dedicated to modular dividers, the brand focuses on understanding market needs and reinventing new ways of work and live. This way there is a guarantee that it understands perfectly what you are looking for, offering a complete and customizable solution to every setting, regardless of sector or industry. You will accomplish a complete solution that allows you to reuse and recreate spaces whenever you need, where your space, team and business evolve and adapt whenever necessary.

According to Herman Miller  CEO Brian Walker, ” Maars products will be a key part of our offering that brings customers best-in-class solutions to help them create a variety of enclosed settings”. Walker adds that “customers are looking for environments that are flexible, modular spaces, and Maars meets that demand with innovation and design at the center. Combined with other solutions we have or will be introducing in the near future, we will have a broad and leading portfolio in this important and growing solution segment”.

This partnership also allows Maars Living Walls to have unique access to Herman Miller’s distribution network, thereby reaching a wider range of consumers and areas. Maars Living Walls president Menno de Vries believes that “this acquisition strengthens our mission to improve people’s well-being and productivity by combining Maars Living Walls with the Living Office strategy of Herman Miller. This combination significantly expands our global reach and opens up many new opportunities for the Maars brand, our people, and our growing network”.

A new modern workflow and constant need of functional and flexible work space makes the living office philosophy a growing trend. Maars assortment offers a collection of products (such as Lalinea) developed in partnership with architecture firms. These partnerships allows them to have expertise and enhance product’s functionality and quality. Lalinea series, for example, presents a number of features such as ventilation, sound proof, usb sockets and network cables, lighting and ceiling. These features allow users to have all necessary resources within reach to develop their activities and accomplish greater performance.


About Maars Living Walls

Shortly after World War II ended, in 1946, L. Maars created a florescent lighting company in the Netherlands, which later became one of the largest distributors of Philips lighting components. As the company grew, they began expanding their portfolio into a variety of roofing and walls solution and temperature control systems. This is how Maars Living Walls has created a diverse and complete solution for different spaces accomplished a portfolio that vary from ceilings, walls, air and lighting solutions.

Today the brand is recognized worldwide for its high quality products that present unique flexibility and functionality. Its adaptable and customizable partitions and walls allow a unique and ground-breaking dedication to the well-being and performance of its users. This is due to the brand’s dedication in research and market development which allows creating solutions to meet different needs and different clients. The commitment to use quality materials, production expertise, design and functionality are company’s pillars in the development process of each product that are complemented by innovation and edginess.

Maars Living Walls have a strong presence in interiors and décor industry being the result of strong and focused teams throughout product development, production, consulting, engineering, project management, installation and after- sale departments.

Discover the Maars’s world and let our team help you create the ideal work space for your team and company. You will realize your space can adapt to your needs allowing performance and productivity improvement.