Herman Miller – Design Within Reach

In June 2018, American furniture brand Herman Miller announced the purchase of Design Within Reach. Established in 1998 and headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, the mission of Design Within Reach is to provide and make accessible a variety of modern design solutions for everyone. Before the brand was created, consumers had to go to Europe to have access to design pieces. For this reason the brand was able to create a change by offering innovative and sublime solutions of modern design icons. The portfolio the brand offers ranges from furniture solutions, lighting and accessories that differ between modern and classic design.

Its database of clients, architects, interior designers and other businesses guarantees a unique stability in this sector, being recognized as a trustworthy brand that offers products of high quality and elegance. This way, the brand can also offer a strategic structure focused on the consumer and their needs. These strategies ensure a quality experience in every location and helps become a premium source of modern and classic design.

Design Within Reach offers more than 38 stores in several strategic locations throughout the United States and Canada. Although the brand is well-established and has several stores, Design Within Reach also has an online store that allows it to connect worldwide with a variety of customers.


A new design platform

Herman Miller’s acquisition of Design Within Reach was made official on July 28, 2014. This acquisition allows Herman Miller to have unique access to a new range of customers that had no connection with the brand until this moment. Together they are able to create a new platform that reaches for a new market and allows a new offer in the world of design.

According to Herman Miller’s CEO Brian Walker, this acquisition “is a transformational step forward in realizing our strategy for diversified growth and establishing Herman Miller as a premier lifestyle brand, helping people create inspiring places where they work, live, heal and learn. This combination expands our reach in the higher margin consumer sector and we have identified multiple points of strategic leverage that will benefit our other segments and operations, as well as DWR’s own growth plans.”

Design Within Reach has benefited from the growth of its portfolio, offering greater diversification and exclusivity to its existing customers. This way, pieces of modern and classic art can be part of the life of great design lovers, enabling an artistic and sophisticated improvement in everyone’s life.

Both companies share the same business philosophy, despite working on different strands (Design Within Reach is a retailer and Herman Miller is a producer). The focus on the customer is and always will be the priority of both brands, creating and offering solutions that allow an improvement in everyone’s lifestyle. These solutions vary between pieces that can suit the everyday needs in your home, office, business, but also education, health or hospitality. This diversification and functionality brings crucial support and resources to its users, enabling greater performance.

Brian Walker adds, “we are acquiring a complete consumer-focused infrastructure and an experienced and committed leadership team and workforce that truly values Herman Miller’s design legacy. That leadership team will skillfully advance our consumer business while DWR gains new resources to further their growth plans. In short, we believe this acquisition dramatically advances our strategic interests and benefits customers, our business partners, and shareholders.”

A range of innovative and sophisticated solutions are created by the union of the two brands. These solutions, which can be found in the best art museums in the world, are then accessible through this acquisition, allowing you to have timeless design icons in your space and in your everyday life.


About Design Within Reach

Rob Forbes came to know the design world during the years he lived in London. Designers known as Eames, Le Corbusier and Saarinen, were some of his favorites and an obvious choice, offering a classic and elegant design.

When Forbes returned to the United States, he decided to buy classic and minimalist designed furniture. Unfortunately, this style was difficult to find if one did not know the right person or didn’t wanted to wait months for a delivery. It was then Forbes realized a gap in this market and decided to buy 20 furniture containers, cataloging each of the pieces. When the pieces arrived, Forbes had the expectation that the sales would fire up immediately, and waited impatiently in front of the phone. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the answering machine was active, and all the calls went there. That’s how Design Within Reach was born, offering and allowing the design to be accessible to everyone at any time.

The brand seeks to offer authentic pieces of classic and modern design in a quick and easy way. There is a focus on the residential and commercial segments, ensuring a range of incredibly stylish, sophisticated and functional products in several American states.

It is because of this reason the brand takes pride in guaranteeing a variety of exclusive, quality and authentic solutions. The partnership with the best furniture producers in the industry, offer a unique guarantee to the consumer. There is a union between quality, functionality and durability with a central focus on themselves and their needs.