A young spirit with a minimalist aesthetic. The way HAY brad presents itself, which was launched in the furniture industry to offer different scandinavian design solutions.

Hay brand was founded in 2002 in Denmark with the aim of developing contemporary furniture and decorative pieces that aligned with the modern and sophisticated lifestyle of our days. These danish brand is also recognized for its vast portfolio in contemporary pieces dedicated to the business world. In addition to business spaces, the pieces of the brand line up with commercial spaces as well as warm hospitality.

Aware of the increasingly need to bring home elements to the comfort of the work space, the brand bets in a more democratic design. That is, knowing consumers are even more pick and demanding, the products of the brand are becoming even more accessible to everyone.

The high quality and scandinavian style are part of Hay DNA, and, thus, are present in every produced piece.


Architecture, fashion and dynamism – The inspiration for Hay products

In order to align itself with the trend of everyday city and his contemporary, the danish brand Hay is inspired by a wide range of varied sectors for the development of its products. Among them stand out the architecture, fashion and dynamic structures. All these elements are founded in everyday social life and, therefore, they become scandinavian design products with a high sense of familiarity.

Be it pieces of furniture, lighting or small accessories for the home, Hay products are rich with an organic, minimalist and highly functional design.

Hay greatest ambition is to develop pieces that have a modern design, but also the highest quality. The pieces of the brand become, in this way, more attractive for its aesthetic side as well and is durability. From this symbiosis is created the perfect bridge between the qualities that are normally found in products of daily use.

The brand always seeks to produce scandinavian design pieces that have high functionality for each consumer.

Currently, Hay brand is the global leader in furniture and signature pieces market for office, residential or hospitality spaces. The portfolio has more than 180 pieces of furniture and 350 accessories.

The brand’s products are developed by irreverent designers who put there soul into the creation of these pieces.


Furniture, Decoration and Lighting – Hay’s complete collection of products

Flexible and dynamic, the offer of this brand is not limited to pieces of furniture of scandinavian design aesthetically appealing. The brand is also concerned on making many other highly functional and practical design pieces designed to facilitate the challenges of the modern daily of life. The entire collection of the Danish brand can be summed up in three main areas: furniture, accessories and lighting.

As for the pieces of furniture, a wide selection of chairs can be found in the portfolio, where the “About A Chair” collection truly stands out. In addition to these, you will find elegant and functional sofas, coffee tables and desks with the Copenhagen collection, plus shelves and storage shelves, wardrobes and closets. Not forgetting your garden, balcony or patio, you will yet find outdoor furniture with scandinavian design.

Ceiling lighting, table or floor lamps are available in the lighting collection. These are highly stylish, modern or sophisticated, depending on the style of the environment they are intended for.

Finally, anyone can get lost easily in HAY accessories collection. Modern and functional, it is possible to find accessories for all home divisions. Both kitchen utensils and decorative accessories, through mirrors and rugs, all take place in the portfolio of the brand.


The scandinavian design

Denmark’s contribution to the design industry over several years is irrefutable. Being a country with a huge passion for design, Denmark has been leading this industry for several decades now. The northern european country has created pieces of furniture that become true classics of international design. Recognized around the world, in Denmark are born the best pieces of scandinavian design.

No wonder the same passion runs in Hay DNA. The experience and deep roots of the brand make all the pieces they create a celebration of the scandinavian style. It is for this very reason that they are fundamentally characterized by simplicity, functionality and beauty.

The design of the brand is differs by the simple and modern lines, where minimalism is felt in every detail. Quality furnishings and decoration with practical, intuitive, direct functionality and attractive aesthetics characterize the scandinavian decoration products of the brand.


Herman Miller and Hay

In 2018 HAY became a part of the family of the renowned American brand Herman Miller. Sharing the same philosophy and ambition to create functional and high-quality parts, the companies form the perfect partnership. With this acquisition the danish brand consolidates and expands its position particularly in the north american market.

These scandinavian design products gave Herman Miller the diversification of its portfolio. In this way, the brand won an excellent design offer to a bigger audience, opening doors to all types of environments from offices to commercial and residential spaces.

In addition, with HAY collections, Herman Miller is now able to incorporate residential elements into commercial spaces. Through the adoption of these decorative details Herman Miller is now able to built a more comfortable environment for all employees.

This perfect partnership with scandinavian design and American design can truly strengthen the two brands against their future challenges. They found in the union of their missions, great value but above all, a increase of their proposals.