In June 2018 the famous American furniture brand for home and office, Herman Miller, demonstrated its interest in welcoming the Danish brand Hay to the portfolio. Hay is well-known by its vast portfolio in contemporary pieces for both home and businesses, contemplating both furniture and accessories. Founded in 2002. The brand has grown exponentially in Europe and Asia, becoming a globally recognized company by its designs and quality.


Hay & Herman Miller

The partnership between both brands has allowed Herman Miller an acquisition of an incredible assortment to target a younger and more urban demographic. Both companies share the same business philosophy and create incredibly functional, high quality and sophisticated furniture at a large scale. As the two brands refer, “all our clients deserve good design and quality products, considering all budgets and price-quality relationship”.

The plan is to fasten Hays’ growth in American and European markets through an increase of the several distributor’s sales. In Portugal, the official Herman Miller distributor is Agile Office, so you have full access to Hay’s catalogue at our online store and through our team of experts. To have more information you can just contact one of our team members and get to know more about the brand and products.

Accordingly to Herman Miller’s former executive director, Brian Walker, “Hay is a key building block toward our stated priority to scale our consumer business” therefore allowing to create a global bridge and expand both businesses. This partnership will allow to target a younger, more urban and modern demographic with its vaster offer. The interior design industry has been changing over the years and “more workplaces are adopting a residential feel” allowing workers to feel more comfortable during work hours. With this partnership comes an opportunity to offer high quality furniture with a modern, elegant design at competitive prices, scaling to a higher number of consumers and markets.

Herman Miller also believes this collaboration will provide clients access to design of excellence regardless the budget, through a diverse offer for different business spaces, dividing it in several zones such as collaborative spaces, group or private spaces and even more residentially. This way, they maintain loyalty to the creations developed by designers known worldwide, but with a sophisticated twist.

Hay will continue to be responsible for all branded operations, including the development process and market search.


About Hay

Danish brand Hay was founded in 2002 with the aspiration of developing contemporary furniture with a modern and sophisticated style.

The inspiration for their designs, whether it is accessories or furniture, comes from a compromise between architectonic structures, fashion and the dynamics they both cause to our daily life. Hay’s ambition is create pieces that have a modern eye and the maximum quality possible in the production process. This way, they create furniture and accessories to appeal consumers that care about both aesthetics and a durable product that stands the test of time. They provide products with all the desirable qualities we look for as consumers: longevity and unquestionable quality.

The brand also seek to develop products that have a practical purpose and a fundamental functionality for each customer in order to be easily adjusted to the day-to-day life and all our needs. Their vision is centered on creating furniture in partnership with the most talented, curious and bold designers to achieve modern and incredible functional products for you.

Today, Hay is a global leader in the furniture industry for home, office and hospitality. Working with most talented designers worldwide, Hay’s portfolio offers more than 180 furniture pieces and 350 accessories that vary form mirrors, lighting, kitchen and dining accessories, and so much more.

The designs exhibit simple and modern lines, routed on classic Scandinavian design and present a vast variety of soft, delicate and appealing colors.

To obtain more knowledge about the vast catalogue we recommend you to navigate through our website and find the products that are most appealing and adaptable to your daily life and needs. We believe that this brand will embrace your different needs and aesthetics thanks to its quality, functionality and sublime and elegant design.