Geiger Furniture

Every company tries to create a perfect flagship product. Apple had its iPod and later iPhone. Starbucks has its coffee and Nike has its shoes. Likewise, every furniture brand becomes almost synonymous with one of its designs, either intentionally or by the influence of popular consumer opinion. Geiger Furniture doesn’t have a flagship product as per the traditional definition of the term. However, Taper Chair has indeed emerged as one of its bestsellers and deservingly so. There are many attributes of the Taper Chair that set it apart from other office or executive chairs. Before we delve into that, let us explore a bit of background of how this amazing piece of furniture came into being.

Taper Chair was designed by Mark Goetz and by the seating adviser for Herman Miller, Dr. Brock Walker. Dr. Walker brought his technical prowess in ergonomics and the expansive knowledgebase from Herman Miller. Geiger chipped in with its penchant for detail and sophistry. Mark Goetz is a celebrated industrial designer whose deftness has no equal. It is unsurprising that the collective outcome in the form of Taper Chair won the Best of NeoCon Gold Award in Ergonomic Seating category.


The Geiger Furniture Taper Chair’s details

This executive chair promises to deliver a comfortable experience without impairing performance. It possesses every attribute Geiger Furniture is known for and more. The first thing you would notice about this executive chair is its simplicity. It has a clean design. Delve into the engineering and you will marvel at the craftsmanship. It is not easy to manage complex contouring in designs that are so neat to look at. The chair is also simple in its functionality. There is no otherworldly element about it, sans the fact that it does offer an experience that seems to be from another world.

The moment you sit on this chair, you would realize the finesse and comfort it offers. There is an upholstered backrest that may seem to be very similar to hundreds of other office chairs available on the market. Lean backward and you would realize the difference. Most office chairs with backrests have one of the two problems. Either the backrest is too rigid and you have to actually exert a slight thrust to rest backward or its tensile strength is too weak and you would readily glide backward. Neither is desirable. You don’t want to push a backrest to feel more comfortable. You don’t want a backrest that is far too willing to bend backward in a manner that it feels it is giving away.

The Taper Chair is sleek, ergonomic, neat and elegant. It is fully functional and durable. It is sophisticated and yet simple. The biggest advantage of using the chair is its direct impact on the musculoskeletal posture. Most people don’t feel or find the right balance while sitting on a chair for the whole day or for several hours at a stretch. This is principally because the chair is not designed to sustain the weight and account for slight shifts in posture while working. Geiger Furniture has a holistic understanding of ergonomics and that is the reason why they created this flagship chair. You are unlikely to experience even a moment of discomfort, imbalance or unreliability with this chair.

Anyone who spends eight hours or more working at a desk or workstation knows how important lumbar support is. Neither the base nor the backrest of an office chair can be too rigid or too malleable. It must have the perfect form, balance and thrust to offer a satiating experience. Professionals and executives these days spend more time with their chair than with anything else. It is only fitting to ask for nothing but the absolute best Geiger furniture there is.