When Dauphin was founded, in Germany 1969, its founder already had a deep understanding and knowledge about the business, as the founder Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin already worked as consultant, performing market analysis and identifying opportunities for other office chair companies’. The goal was specialize in ergonomic office chairs, accomplishing it through extensive search and innovation in the industry. The human body and how people spend many work hours seating, was (and still is) the main concern. So the brand specialized into offering solutions: highly comfortable ergonomic and health concerned office chairs that assure a correct physical posture, support the body, and offer total comfort during hours in a row. This qualities guarantee an improvement of the work quality because workers feel mentally and physical well rested.

The brand’s portfolio offers a variety of solutions in education, hospitality, and businesses, commercial and healthcare. There are a variety of solutions that also go through a more individual side or even lounge furniture like sofas and high quality chairs.

The brand takes pride in the quality of production and materials, guaranteeing products specialized in German manufacture with a modern and European design. The brand can guarantee the development of functional spaces that allow an improvement of its users’ quality of life. Products such as the telephone hub or cube spaces were developed focusing on the user, user experience, and their adaptability to the several environments. These elegant solutions provide privacy in open spaces both acoustical and visual privacy. This way, it is certain the goal is accomplished, either for individually or group needs and for various sectors and activities.

Dauphin has a variety of products to create innovative, functional and adaptable environments to each user’s needs. The ergonomic side of each product assures comfort and wellbeing dedicated to the user as an individual or to groups, transforming collaborative and modern environments. Fascinating, innovative and sophisticated spaces are the brand’s solution for a variety of sectors always keeping he same dedication and quality.

Business Philosophy

The company’s culture is the reason for its success. Taking into account the principles of the Dauphin group, the brand offers solutions for a global marketplace, having offices, brand representatives and factories all over the world. There is a dedication to developing consumer-focused products in every aspect, offering a supreme quality throughout all portfolio.

The business philosophy of the company is focused on the various principles that will be approached below.


Focus on design

Awarded with several prizes in the design industry, the German brand Dauphin dedicates to design with fiercely devotion. They perceive design as something that has a purpose beyond its aesthetic side. Its functionality and ergonomics are design aspects that the brand believes are essential to the product as a whole.

Therefore, the brand manages to develop products that become necessary for its customers’ wellbeing and usability, not forgetting an incredibly elegant and sophisticated look.


For a better workplace

Dauphin dedicates to each consumers’ individual needs as well as society in general. The research and market analysis developed for creating products allows focusing on different components, to produce unique and innovative products with trendy details.


A brand focused on partnership

Partnerships developed with distributors, brand representatives and consumers, allow the possibility of global solutions for everyone. The foundations of these partnerships are trust, high ethical standards and equity, thus allowing a stable and dedicated relationship for each one its customers.


Quality solutions

Both products and services provided by Dauphin guarantee a solution to a challenge, an improvement or a simplification of a dilemma. These solutions are developed in compliance for the highest production standards, assuring the highest quality of the final product. The quality demanded is assured not only because of the materials chosen but also the functionality of products. Quality is linked directly to durability and the satisfaction of a need or problem in our daily lives.


A brand that respects others

Respect is one of the company’s pillars and one of the foundations of its success. The respect the brand has for people who work with them, for consumers who use their products and respect for the environment and a better future.


About Dauphin Group

Dauphin HumanDesign group integrates the knowledge and expertise of developing pieces focused on the human body and its needs. This group offers a variety of high-quality ergonomic chairs and a variety of furniture provided by other brands of the group such as Trendoffice, Zuco and Bosse. Together, they guarantee a complete solution, attention to all details, creating the foundations of furnishing spaces in a functional matter allowing better performance and quality of life for its customers.

All portfolio allows a focus on interior design to offices, lounge areas, commercial or industrial spaces, hospitality, public spaces and even health areas such as hospitals. It has even a new range providing for homes offering an incredibly stylish and sophisticated assortment with the highest quality standards. All Dauphin Group’s products present a focus on quality and design with a modern, functional and sophisticated touch, creating harmonious spaces that complement each other perfectly.

Ergonomics is a common factor through the entire collection, transforming workspaces into fascinating environments dedicated to you and the way you work, allowing you to increase productivity and comfort.

Be inspired by this collection and let us offer the best solution for you and your space.