The centralization of human beings in the workplace with less limits. Dauphin puts employees first when developing ergonomic office chairs and desks.

The German furniture brand Dauphin was founded in 1986 with the purpose of offering an specialization to the ergonomic market of office chairs. The pieces of high performance of the brand were developed through an extensive research and innovation in the field.

These chairs and office desks, that the brand has been developed, easily adapt to the most varied work spaces. Dauphin, has specific chairs and tables for all types of work spaces such as schools, hospital centers, business offices, commercial and hospitality spaces. The solutions of the brand goes to the more individual side to lounge furniture like sofas and high quality chairs.

The brand values its quality of material and its own production, ensuring in this way the modern design with the technological development so present in the German market. So it is, Dauphin ensures the development of functional spaces that allows a greater quality of life and work for all its users.

The production of Dauphin office chairs is almost inconceivable. In average they produce 2000 ergonomic chairs every day. All of them have high standards of quality, as well as all other furniture pieces of the brand. It is not by chance that this is the leading office furniture company in Europe.


Dauphin and the centralization of human beings in the workplace

As apologist for the humanization of offices and other workplaces, Dauphin develops solutions specially designed for the well-being of the employees.

The brand focuses on the human body and the multiply hours employees spend seating on their chairs. Besides this, Dauphin takes in consideration the increasing need of teamwork between teams, which is in the genesis of all contemporary companies. The brand develops solutions in this way, creating ergonomic chairs that aim to be truly comfortable and to improve health. By taking this approach, the brand guarantees better posture, full body support and total comfort for several hours. It is possible, therefore, to notice an improvement in the performance of each person, achieved through psychological rest which, in turn, is due to greater comfort sense.

Dauphin is dedicated to the need of the individual consumer, and as well as those of the present society. The research and market analysis that develops the creation of its products allows then to make unique and innovative pieces and with details that make them irreverent and unique. The office desks and office chairs of the brand are an example of the technology that the brand uses to create high-performance products.

The culture of the company is the reason of the brand success. There is a great dedication when it comes to develop products with a special focus on the consumer, in every little detail, and because of this they offer a high quality throughout all their portfolio.


Office desks and chairs that solve problems

Not only products but as well the services provided by Dauphin guarantee a solution to every problem . These solutions are developed with the highest production standards guaranteeing the highest quality.

The material produced and the design of the pieces, promote and helps to get the highest performance of all parts, so that employees feel comfortable. They guarantee, durability and functionality of the pieces, the brand’s office chairs are just a small example.


Focus on design

Winner of several prizes in the design world, the German brand Dauphin dedicates itself to this theme with maximum devotion. Visual comfort is important, but the design itself must have a functional purpose. Aesthetics is thus surpassed by ergonomic principles that are central to the final product. In this way, the brand manages to develop products that become necessary for health and not only that, it also remains incredibly elegant and sophisticated.

Designers like Jessica Engelhardt, Martin Ballendat, Daniel Figueroa, among many others, actively work with Dauphin and elevate on a daily basis the quality and standards of the brand. These are the geniuses behind each ergonomic piece that made them win international design awards. The brand has already been honored at awards ceremonies such as the Iconic Awards, the Red Dot Awards, the German Design Awards and the If Products Design Awards.


Proudly eco-friendly

Environment protection and sustainability are two main real concerns for Dauphim. The brand is certified on their efforts to reduce the ecological footprint with the EMAS and Bavarian Environmental Pact seals.

To hold on to these certifications, the German brand relies on the materials used and the recycling throughout the production process. Desks and office chairs are made from recycled and recyclable materials and contain no toxic substances such as PVC, chrome VI, lead and mercury.


About Dauphin Group

The Dauphin HumanDesign group integrates knowledge and expertise of developing pieces focused on the human body and its needs. The function complements the design of spaces and layouts.

This group of brands (such as Trend Office, Zuco and Bosse) offers a variety of high quality ergonomic office chairs as well as a wide range of furniture systems. This group of brands guarantees a complete solution and thought to the smallest detail. It is these details that create, the basis to furnish spaces making them functional, allowing a better performance and providing a higher quality of life for its users.

This entire portfolio helps to focus on interior design from offices, lounge, commercial, industrial, hospitality, public spaces and even health spaces such as hospitals. All parts and products of the Dauphin group stand out in terms of quality, modernism and functional design. The brand makes it is easy when it comes to creating harmonious spaces that perfectly complement each other.

Ergonomics is still the key to the entire collection, transforming workspaces into fascinating environments dedicated to you and the way you work, allowing you to increase productivity and comfort.