Dauphin Home

In 2010, the Dauphin HumanDesign group launched a new brand with the aim to offer a collection of furniture that was timeless and multifaceted for the residential areas, called Dauphin Home. It is a collection of pieces of luxury items for the everyday use with a focus on quality, modern design and functionality. Unique in its own way, you will find with Dauphin Home a range for living rooms, home offices, kitchens, dining areas, bedrooms, wardrobes and cloakrooms.

The materials used for the creation of these pieces are thought to the detail with lacquered and natural wood surfaces and unusual types of glass. Most of these pieces are made by hand to ensure the highest quality with a finish touch that blends all the design together.

The design of the collection is chosen in order to match your existing furnishings. The modern and timeless design and exquisite lines create the perfect harmony for any space. They are made to last reflecting your own personal style with the multiple options you can chose from.

A partnership with Bosse

From the same group, Dauphin HumanDesign Group, Bosse offers a modular system that pairs perfectly with the Dauphin Home concept. This modular modul space chrome tubing system gives you the flexibility to create and configure the furniture you need and love. Developed with only three components (tubes of different lengths and sizes, connectors and panels) that are simple and easy to use.

This system is at the heart of the Dauphin Home collection. Developed with its invisible fixings, modern fittings and incredible functionality, this is exactly what you have been looking for. Its versatility allows you to recreate the perfect furniture for your living environment, adapting itself to your needs and your style.

The variety of materials within the system, such as melamine, wood and glass panels gives you the freedom of design paired with the highest quality to guarantee its durability.


A partnership with Zueco

Consumers are looking for pieces that have individuality and quality associated to the products they are looking to purchase. This reality is even stronger in the residential market where everyone is looking for something different and special that reflects his or her own personal taste without compromising in quality. This is where the brand Zuco, from the Dauphin Design Group, plays an important role with Dauphin Home.

The craftsmanship in each piece that Zuco manufactures gives its products an extreme quality and attention to detail. Since 1921, the brand has been a leader in the development of highly quality furniture pieces that have an exquisite and modern design with maximum comfortability.

This partnership has brought together the perfect collection for your home. Balanced shapes and elegant lines will elevate your home to a luxury space where quality, comfort and functionality will be the centrepiece of your day-to-day experience.


A home made for you

The traditional living environments have changed and evolved and it is important that the furniture we use evolve as well. It is important that the furnishings adapt to us and have a functionality that pairs with our day-to-day use. They need to create a harmonious ambience allowing us to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

In order to achieve this balance we need to have furnishings that give the rooms of our home a comfortable feeling with a freedom of design that is coherent with our needs and tastes. Although the aesthetics make a big impact on the way we want our home to feel and look, the quality and comfortability of each individual piece has a greater impact on the future of our space.

The Dauphin Home, has come up with a collection of pieces for the different areas of your home, that are developed with a focus on your needs without compromising on the design, quality, comfort, flexibility and functionality. These elements create the perfect balance in order to elevate your home to a place of tranquillity, excitement, relaxation and cosiness.

About the Dauphin Group

The Dauphin HumanDesign Group is a company that offers an expertise and knowledge in developing pieces for a wide range of spaces and interiors.

The company started with two entrepreneurs, Friedrich-Wilhelm and Elke Dauphin (husband and wife) who decided to create classic office seating. They were able to evolve according to the market changes and trends, creating a global group of companies that cater for a diverse audience and different needs.

Dauhpin HumanDesign Group, based in Offenhausen in Germany, is currently recognised as one of Europe’s leading manufactures of a complete office solution. The group has a variety of different brands such as Zuco, Bosse, Dauphin, Trend Office and Dauphin Home who offer a diverse portfolio for a variety of spaces. With this wide range of products, the group is able to cater for the commercial, residential, hospitality and healthcare market, lounge spaces, public areas, industrial spaces. These solutions are developed with a focus on the ergonomic capabilities and the needs of the market, offering products that are highly comfortable, flexible and with a modern design.

Its manufacturing and development process is a staple of the company, granting an attention to detail that will elevate each piece to its highest potential. The craftsmanship, choice of materials and experienced workers are the pillars to create the timeless pieces you find with the groups’ portfolio. Whether you are looking for a product for your home or for your office, you know that with the Dauphin HumanDesign Group you will only find pieces that complement your space and allow for a timeless usage.

Although each of the groups’ brands have a unique style and design, they complement each other, allowing you to select what pairs best with your space. You are therefore able to achieve your goals and budget objectives with the different price ranges, without having to look for any other manufactures.

At Dauphin HumanDesign Group, we offer you a complete solution for your everyday use.