The German company Bosse offers a unique range of solutions for living and working environments. These solutions vary from a range of modern pieces of furniture or settings and room structures that can be developed according to your needs.

The company focus is to create sustainable and ergonomic solutions inspired by the Bauhaus tradition. By this, the company wants to create timeless pieces of design that are not only sophisticated but also highly functional. The room-in-room solutions can be reconfigured to your space with options such as ventilation, acoustics, modern design and illumination that allow you to increase productivity and performance. These add-ons and details allow the products to be unique and highly impressive as it is developed with the focus on the individual and collaborative work environment. The furniture developed by Bosse is also incredibly unique and modern, with simple and minimalistic lines that adapt perfectly with the modern work environment. The selection of colours and materials from Bosse are also rich and diverse which includes the 12 original shades from Le Corbusier’s Architectural Polychromy colour system.

Together, the range of products from Bosse create the perfect blend of form and function, achieved by consistently focusing only on what is essential. The German craftsmanship offers reliability and quality, while its design grants a radiance and impressive aesthetic appeal inspired by the modern architectural pieces.


In 1960, Gunter Bosse decided to create a company in Germany focused on offering innovative diving walls for room and offices. These solutions would revolutionize the working environment with the possibility of creating your own spaces without the need to spend too much time and efforts on the reconstruction of the space.

In 1970, Bosse developed the first room-in-room solution, which was independent from the building structure. This innovative solution was a upgrade on its already existing portfolio however, it offered an increase functionality and possibility from each space. The room-in-room solution would be able to cater for different activities with the choice of add-ons and details. As a consumer, you can create your own room-in-room according to your needs and the needs of your space catering for collaborative activities and individual work.

As a pioneer in this field, Bosse was particularly successful in 1980 with the Deutsche Telekom’s shop-in-shop areas. As a customer, the Deutsche Telekom was looking for a flexible solution with specific dimensions, finishes and add-ons. Bosse was able to offer the solution the company was look for with a modern and innovative design.

This allowed the company to become recognized as an innovative company with personalized solutions. In the next following decades, the company became part of the Dauphin Group launching itself into the international market. Its module space system became the centre of its portfolio and well recognized in this field as a reliable and quality solution.



For Bosse, the use of natural resources is part of the company’s philosophy and responsibility with the environment. During the manufacturing process and in all the research development, the company understands the need to use these resources in order to create high-quality furnishings adding a unique value to each product. In this way, Bosse is able to improve not only the environment and its sustainability but also the working and the living environment.

By focusing on the present and the future, you will collaborate with a company that is dedicated to create solutions for a better world without compromising on quality and design.


The home of Bosse

All of the products of Bosse are manufactured in their factory in Hoxter, Germany. In this factory, the company creates its unique products ranging from the room-in-room solutions and the modern design furniture.

The furniture portfolio from Bosse has simple yet delicate lines creating a more executive look for any working environment. The portfolio offers a range of single desks, benching systems, meeting room tables, storage units, height adjustable desks and reception tables. A unique blend of solutions that integrate perfectly with the room-in-room solutions.

The room-in-room solutions are high-tech and designer spaces that cater for a variety of different activities and facilities. With the choice of different finishes, flexible add-ons (acoustics, ventilation, illumination, technology, electric plugs), and a modern design, the room-in-room solutions vary between phone booths, cabines, pods and space diving systems. You are therefore able to reconfigure your space without the need of reconstruction of your space and office.


Le Corbusier’s Architectural Polychromy

The architectural colours of Le Corbusier’s Archictural Polychromy is the perfect tool for colour design. The variety of different shades create a harmonious and architectural sophistication that can be combined in any way. These shades have an incredible influence on the human body creating immediate effects of serenity, calmness or of excitement and enthusiasm.

With Bosse you are able to have access to this tool and to the shades of Le Corbusier, adding an innovative touch to each product.


About the Dauphin Group

The Dauphin HumanDesign Group is a company that offers 360 degree solutions for your working and living environment. These solutions are developed due to the expertise and the craftsmanship that the company has to offer, creating unique pieces that are focused on the human body and the support it needs.

Different brands such as Bosse, Zuco, Trend Office and Dauphin allow the group to create a complete portfolio that will cater for different needs of different interior design spaces. With options of products for the hospitality market, lounge spaces, working environments, public spaces, residential and healthcare areas, the group has a complete solution for you.

Although each brand is unique in its own way and with a very specific focus, they all share the same values and philosophy, to create a better working and living environment for you and everyone around you. These are showed through the ergonomic features of each product, its functionalities and the modern and simple design.

With the Dauphin HumanDesign Group you are sure to find a partner that wants the best for you and for the performance of your team. Let us help you find the best solution in accordance to your needs and requirements.