An organized work environment is synonymous of clear minds. Bisley is the British brand that takes care of all needed storage for any office.

A British company that proves its success decade after decade. Bisley is a prestigious brand that offers office solutions especially focused on environments that aims collaborations. The brand’s portfolio focuses not only on office organizing and storage furniture, but also on larger workplace furniture solutions.

With a long history and experience in the industry, the brand seeks to combine tradition with innovation, which translates into dynamic, timeless and incomparable pieces of office furniture. All produced furnishings have the highest quality standards, which have earned them a perfect reputation and great confidence in the market.

The Bisley company is based on three main components: functionality, design and technical innovation. Thus, the brand can easily revolutionize its fields and also interpret the workspace based on this three pillars .

Living in an essentially digital age, the truth is that it’s very simple and easy to forget the storage factor when you’re redefining or improving the structure of your workspace. The need for the current office space has changed, and with this paradigm shift araised other needs where the natural evolution of workspaces needs to be fluid and mobile. Therefore, there is less paperwork to organize, but there is a need for personal storage in the workplace and also a need for the furniture we have around us to be practical, functional and useful.


Bisley and there Power of Office Storage Furniture

Bisley is a leading company in the manufacture of organization furniture in steel storage in all Europe. Currently about one-third of all steel storage parts in the UK are manufactured by the brand.

Why office organization and storage are so important in the workspace? For Bisley, the only way to have a productive and inspiring work space, begins and ends with good storage power. Often is forgotten in the background of the office, but the structure and storage furniture is so important that can completely redefine the environment of your office. With this vision in mind, Bisley is dedicated to create intelligent and efficient storage solutions. This is why, it can be possible to promote a quiet, organized and productive work and environment space.

Bisley office storage furniture is not designed just to store material goods. The storage structures in your workplace can easily have functions well beyond simple storage. They can serve as a visual and physical barrier in an open space office, providing more privacy for workers, acting as a double seat or a place to charge the phone, just as an small example.

With Bisley you will never look again at office storage in the same way. The products of the brand can (and should) be adopted as dynamic and multifunctional central elements in the area of your office.


Portfolio Bisley – Office furniture and storage solutions

Bisley presents a wide range of storage furniture, which can be divided into four categories:

  • Storage for material;
  • Storage for personal goods;
  • Desktop storage;
  • Industrial storage..

Firstly, Bisley presents solutions for the storage of any office. In this way, a fluid working space is obtained, where the workers can move and collaborate without obstacles. Within this collection you will find the perfect furniture for all the needs of your office. They have functionalities that adapt and facilitate the use and research of materials. In addition to these features, all office storage will easily optimize all useful space.

The clearing and save storage of personal property is a factor of great importance for all workers. The addition of this type of personal storage furniture will make the employees to have a sense of belonging and also gives them a feeling of greater security. Bisley offers simpler solutions (such as traditional lockers) to the most complete ones, including integrated chargers or other desired features.

Another Bisley collection is all about desk storage furniture. Intuitive solutions that help you to you have everything you need at hand, without having visual distractions while performing your duties. These office storage pieces are highly flexible so you can adapt the best solution to your work space.

Finally, Bisley also produces furniture for industrial storage. This type of storage furniture is ideal for use in factories, warehouses and other bigger workshops. All parts are made to handle large weights and move easily. And there is more, these products have an even greater durability than the remaining collections.


A sustainable quality that you can depend on

Being a brand that has for more than 80 years on the market, it certainly would not have survived so long without the highest quality standards. This is based mainly on the manufacture and materials has choose to produce their own parts.

This quality and the use of durable and sustainable materials made Bisley a worldwide recognized brand.

For its office furniture and storage, Bisley essentially uses steel. The brand completely dominates the manufacture of this material and its designs are always original. Steel is the obvious choice for the brand. Bisley has this preference because it is a reliable, resilient material, high durability with great sustainability. This material is 99% recyclable, thus has a very small ecological footprint. Another raw material that Bisley treasures and uses in its furniture is wood, which features several finishes throughout Bisley’s collections.


From car repair to office storage – the history of Bisley

Bisley was founded in the 1930s, when its founder, Freddy Brown, started an individual business to repair damaged cars. A decade later the business shifts to Bisley in England. It is at the time of World War II that Brown becomes a pioneer in the manufacture of war material. Within this material are, more specifically, the containers that were delivered by parachute to the soldiers. In this way, his work assured him several recommendations by the Minister of Defense.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, the founder channeled his technical and functional knowledge into the fabrication of office storage pieces. So began the brand that we know today.

Currently the company has is presence in more than 50 countries. Bisley has offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Dubai and distributors spread all over the world.

One of Bisley’s key focuses is to increase workplace performance and performance through integrated, holistic solutions for workplace remodeling, tailored to each customer’s needs. For this, the company first studies several locations and learns how people interact and collaborate to understand how they can improve the existing workspace and environment . Bisley focuses on work environments, and for branding this is as wide as offices, schools, universities, factories or other collaborative workspace.