AndTradition is a danish brand which manufactures design pieces inspired in its roots – the nordic furniture.

The brand combines tradition and innovation and unify art, form and function. The result is a portfolio of modern and timeless design pieces. These characteristics exist not only for the pieces aesthetics (that, due to their minimalism and versatility will never goes out of style), but also for its durability and quality these pieces have.

If you are a true lover of nordic furniture, you will love to discover everything about this brand.


AndTradition – House of nordic furniture

AndTradition nordic furnitureFounded in 2012, in Denmark – one of the most pulsing and innovating poles in design industry -, AndTradition is a brand that perfectly represents scandinavian and nordic design and, therefore, all of its decoration pieces and furniture present in its portfolio are contemporary nordic design.

AndTradition started walking its path by reinventing and re-edit vintage pieces of nordic furniture. The brand evolved and turned out to be, nowadays, in a respected and admired company in the international design industry background.

The brand focus itself in combining tradition and its own heritage, which, in its turn, is inherited by nordic design. It also strives to challenge these traditional values, adding them modern elements, as the materials, techniques and forms. The brand combines perfectly new materials with new techniques and innovative methods of manufacturing.

AndTradition believes in the design made to last and its pieces of nordic furniture are conceived through a sustainable manufacture and the respect for nature regarding the choice of feedstock.


AndTradition Iconic pieces

AndTradition Lato sofas by scandinavian designAnd Tradition offers a great range of products to residentials spaces that can also be used in workplaces and public spaces contexts, as well as coffee shops, hotels or restaurants. The brand is able to provide the nordic furniture and interior decoration elements for an entire room, combining classic with modern pieces. And, ofcourse, using only its lines in furniture, lighting and accessories fields of action.

At the AndTradition’s furniture category, one will find mostly a scandinavian furniture design, composed by lounge chairs, armchairs, dining room and resting chairs, sofas, high chairs, dining tables and coffee tables. Its most original furniture pieces are the Loafer sofa, the Little Petra armchair, the dining and high chairs Pavillion, the side tables Lato and Palette and the chair Catch.

Regarding AndTradition’s lighting category, one will encounter a offer of original and diverse table, floor and ceiling lamps. Some of the lighting nordic furniture are the table lamp Flower Pot, designed by the prestigious designer Verner Panton; the ceiling lamp Formakami, designed by Jaime Hayon; the modern and minimalistic ceiling lamp Fornell; the sophisticated ceiling lamps Ice and also the famous and sculptural P376 lamps, designed by Kastholm and Fabricius and launched by AndTradition in honor of the 1963 creation.

The AndTradition accessories have its focus on what’s necessary to make one’s home or workplace even more cosy. There, one will find carpets, jugs, round or rectangular mirrors – as is the example of the “Amore” mirror, which is divided in three symmetric pieces -, shelves and much more.


Nordic design furniture


AndTradition’s Nordic Furniture and its partnerships with international designers

Red nordic design sofaTo accomplish the original designs with a true nordic heritage, but modern at the same time, AndTradition works strictly in partnership with prestigious and acknowledged designers, but also with emerging ones regarding the industry background. In this way, the nordic furniture pieces became even more incomparable.

Within its extended portfólio, one will find the most iconic design pieces and some rarities made by ancient designers, but even new approaches of antique pieces from current talents. These pieces are called “classics from the future”. The brand looks forward to work with the best designers and all of its products are cherrypicked in order to assure the highest quality.

AndTradition have already colaborated with most of 25 international designers, being the Verner Panton’s designs its main focus. It was his iconic pieces that awaked the danish brand to re-edit those classics and ended to catapult the brand to be what it is today: tradition and revolution together to tell a new narrative of nordic furniture.

Some of the most Verner Pantons iconic pieces highlighted in AndTradition’s portfolio are the Flowerpot lamp – a icon of design and the Flower Power movement in the 1960’s – and the Topan ceiling lamp.

Another designer who work with AndTradition is the recognized studio Norm Architects, which designed the Mass Light minimalistic and elegant ceiling lamp; Arne Jacobse, considered to be the master of danish modernism, has its name in the Bellevue lamps; Other designers are Mia Hamborg, Space Copenhagen, Studio Vit, Luca Nichetto, All the Way to Paris, Benjamin Hubert, Anderssen and Volt and many others.