It is possible to fight noise pollution. Abstracta is the swedish brand that manufactures innovative sound insulation solutions.

Having background noise in the workplace can be really disturbing and have a negative impact on productivity. In an office, one can hear people talking and walking, the phone always ringing, copiemachies, and many other. Even though they are not deafening noises, they can really bother someone and, at the end of the day, they can be the cause for coworkers to feel exhausted without knowing why.

Besides the inside noise in the workplace, the outside noise also contributes to increase mental distress. The ones that have jobs in a big city already knows the impact of working near a building under construction, a busy road or even in a street where lots of people walk in. All of these noise follow coworkers throughout their daily life and it have a negative impact on focus and increase their levels of stress.

Together, the inside and outside noise during work can have impact not only in productivity but even physical and mental health.

Abstracta have the capacity of making a workplace a lot more quiet and, consequently, more comfortable. The brand’s sound insulation solutions are innovative and allows the decrease of stress and the psychological distress caused by sound pollution.


Abstracta – sound insulation solutions by design

Pioneer in the acoustics field, Abstracta manufactures acoustic panels that help creating more efficient work environments. By working with internationally recognized designers, the brand manufactures functional solutions with the most distinctive forms.

Founded in 1972, in Sweden, Abstracta compromised itself to innovate in sound insulation solutions. The brand is in constant evolution and always tries to make these solutions more flexible and functional.

It is in this field that Abstracta’s solutions are a true advantage: the limitless flexibility that the brand’s products can offer to the individuals and organizations that choose to create a better workplace. These solutions are easily adaptable to the necessities of each company and its coworkers. Besides, the different solutions adjust to the size of the office, meeting rooms, and others.

With a great range of solutions available in different colours and aesthetics, Astract’as products can be matched with any others. The options are endless and the reduction of noise inside the buildings is certainly significant.


Sound Insulation – maximum functionality solutions

Abstracta’s products are design with a purpose – having the best sound insulation possible.

The acoustics is the field in which the brand is pioneer and that is the main focus of the designers who work with Abstracta. In this way, these professionals are constantly looking for new materials and new combinations. And by that, they end improving already existing solutions or bringing new ones to the world.

However, the aesthetics of an acoustic solution is equally taken into account. The brand assures that “interesting forms can emerge by working in a specific function. And also, working in a product’s certain form can lead us to new methods or to the answer of a acoustic problem”.

And by doing so, Abstracta is not only a brand with great acoustic value products, but also of great aesthetic value. Beyond the distinctive design and a flawless function, these solutions keep their personality over the years.


Sound insulation acoustics – Abstracta’s portfolio

The Abstracta’s main solution is the acoustic panels which can be hanged using simple structures that can also fixed or moved. They are modular, have different sizes, forms and designs. With these solutions one can create an area in the office or at home at that moment.

Besides these, the panels are available with different designs to be placed specifically on the walls. These allows to soundproof a meeting room or any collaborative space, for instance.

These acoustic panels were also adapted to become desk screens. These will absorb and reflect the sound that comes directly from the coworker in front of you.

In order to create in this solutions, the brand works actively with internationally recognized designers. Among them, it is: Andrea Ruggiero, Anya Sebton, Fredrik Wallner, Nina Jobs, Runa Klock and Hallgeir Homstvedt.


Innovative solutions

One of the Abstracta aims is to innovate in sound insulation solutions that it manufactures. One of them are the ceiling acoustic panels, dividing the openspace. These have a great range of colours, patterns and shapes to better adjust to the work environment.

Another innovative solution from the brand are the soundproof rooms. In contrast with other rooms like this, these can be placed in the center of the office and it continues to assure total soundproof. Inside of these rooms it is impossible to hear anyone on the other side of the room, even if they are yelling. The same happens outside the room – it is impossible to hear what is spoken inside the house.

Besides these two solutions, Abstracta have in its portfolio, little wall cabinets, a table and a chandelier that absorb sound and even shelves with the same effect. In this way, the brand guarantees the reduction of sound pollution, but also visual pollution.


Sustainability and sound insulation

Like many other current companies, Abstracta has a special attention regarding the ecological issues. The brand makes an effort to reduce its ecological footprint and to manufacture durable sound insulation solutions.

In order to do that, the used materials are high quality, so that the products can be resistant and durable. In case of any damage of the any piece, this can be easily repaired instead of totally replaced. By doing so, the production is reduced and so are the pollutants emissions

The materials are even chose in order to conserve resources and to have the minimum environmental impact possible. All the waste from the manufacturing process can be recycled, as well as the old products of the brand.