Having background noise while working can be really disturbing and have a negative effect on productivity. In an office we can hear people talking and walking, mobiles that keep ringing, copy machines, etc. Even if they aren’t strong noises, they can be really annoying and by the end of the day, you can feel really tired without knowing why.

Aside from internal noise in a workplace, sometimes we also have external noise that can will also contribute to an inability to focus and to increase the level of stress. Together, internal and external noise during work can affect not only productivity but mental and physical health also.


But that’s where ABSTRACTA comes into play.

Pioneer in the acoustics field, ABSTRACTA produces sound absorption screens that help to create more efficient working environments.

The company is Swedish, was founded in 1972 and has always hired the best designers in Scandinavia. The company has been growing and expanding its offer and consequently the exports has been growing too. Nowadays 50% of their production is exported.


Unmatched flexibility

The biggest advantage that ABSTRACTA options have to offer to the work spaces today is the unlimited flexibility that the sound screens provide to individuals and organizations that choose to create better workplaces.

With a wide variety of different solutions available in different colours and aesthetics, the products from ABSTRACTA can be configured with any other – allowing for infinite options and real upgradability/flexibility in sound protection and spaces. The modules are sound absorbers and space creators at the same time.


Different solutions for different needs

ABSTRACTA core business are soundscapes that can be hanged using simple and nice structures, or can be standing and movable. They are modular and in different sizes, shapes and designs. With these solutions you can instantly create a space within an office or home.

If you need a more private space or if you need to join a collaborative team you can do it in a few minutes just by moving the modules. Also, it is possible for you to write on them if you want because they can be used as white boards as an option.

These modules have a range of useful accessories that will make your life much more easier. You can hang your coat on them, have a cup to your pens, or take some notes on it.

With the table/desk screens acoustics your work will improve immediately because they absorb and reflect the sound that comes directly from the colleague in front of you.

ABSTRACTA also has mobile quite rooms that can be used for meetings or for a more calm place to work individually. It’s a kind of a small room that can be easily assembled without special tools. It is light and if you don’t need it for a period of time it’s easy to store without needing much space.


Peaceful and beautiful workplaces

ABSTRACTA products have beautiful designs that encompass simplicity and playfulness and create inspiring workplaces that will increase productivity at work and comfort at home.