Herman Miller

Easily one of the most influential producers of furniture and decor pieces, the Herman Miller brand is legendary in the world of furniture – and it’s easy to understand why.   Originally founded in 1905 as Star Furniture Company in Michigan, the company started by producing high grade furniture pieces […] » Saiba mais


Describing a brand like Narbutas might seem easy. It is a company which produces modern, high quality and human centred furniture. However, this one sentence does not explain at all the essence of a company such as Narbutas. The essence of this company, located in Lithuania, relays on its sustainability […] » Saiba mais


In today’s ultra competitive business environment, large and small companies are always looking for ways to improve their efficiency, to improve their creativity, and to improve their ability to convey critical messages and missions to each and every member of their team and their staff – and that’s where IDEAPAINT […] » Saiba mais

Colebrook Bosson Saunders

So much more than a choice between a conventional desk and a standing desk. You don’t need to decide if you would have a standing desk converter atop your old table or if you should go for a separate powered standing desk that can also suit your seated position. Colebrook […] » Saiba mais


Pilot Pen is synonymous with writing. The brand is known for its reliability, convenience of use and ease of writing. The effortlessness has no equal. For over a hundred years, Pilot has spearheaded and often pioneered in a myriad of ways to influence and facilitate the act of writing. Officially […] » Saiba mais

Moving Walls

Traditional office space today is no longer as efficient as it was. It became less coherent with modern business practices and goals as it used to be in the past. Sure, in the past, a field of desks or cubicles was all that a business needed to get work done. […] » Saiba mais


There is no dearth of furniture brands and there is a plethora of options regardless of what you are looking for. You don’t need to confine yourself to either bespoke or ready to assemble furniture. Anyone with the slightest experience in furniture shopping knows bespoke designs cost a small fortune […] » Saiba mais


Magis is relatively a new brand which originally started in 1976. It was founded in Italy by Eugenio Perazza and since then it never slowed down its rise in the furniture industry. The story of Magis is one of ever rising upwards, taking the industry as a whole by storm […] » Saiba mais


Having background noise while working can be really disturbing and have a negative effect on productivity. In an office we can hear people talking and walking, mobiles that keep ringing, copy machines, etc. Even if they aren’t strong noises, they can be really annoying and by the end of the […] » Saiba mais

Geiger Furniture

Every company tries to create a perfect flagship product. Apple had its iPod and later iPhone. Starbucks has its coffee and Nike has its shoes. Likewise, every furniture brand becomes almost synonymous with one of its designs, either intentionally or by the influence of popular consumer opinion. Geiger Furniture doesn’t […] » Saiba mais


There are just a handful of truly iconic furniture designs that stand the test of time, designs that are just as popular today as they were 50, 60, 70, or even 100+ years ago – the kind of designs that will likely always be popular and in demand. Some design […] » Saiba mais


One of the most well-known furniture manufacturer in the world is Mattiazzi. The brand was founded by two Italian brothers that created this amazing wood furniture design and production company in the late 1970s. This was all created in an effort to produce the best quality wooden chairs available anywhere […] » Saiba mais