About Us

Since 2008, AGILE OFFICE has been developing installation and renovation projects for offices in several areas, such as technology, health, training, banking, energy and others. Through the planning of efficient working spaces, optimized and focused on the wellbeing of each one of its users, teamwork and productivity will both increase.

AGILE OFFICE is committed to create and to provide the more updated, comfortable and ergonomic solutions to your working space, whether it is a big or a small office or even your home.

Aside from projects, we have a selection of furniture products and office accessories which includes well known furniture brands worldwide: Herman Miller, Magis, Mattiazzi and TOLIX. We also work with the practical and creative solutions of Ideapaint, Moving Walls and Abstracta.

  • Herman Miller – an American company known worldwide, it’s one of the top furniture and office accessories producer.
  • Magis – offers a wide range of decoration products and uses different techniques and materials in its creation
  • Mattiazzi  – Reference in furniture design, produces high quality wood chairs.
  • TOLIX – Have available with a modern and clean design, chairs and stools for interior and exterior. practical, light, solid, lasting and comfortable are the main qualities of their products.
  • Ideapaint – transforms walls in white boards that encourage creativity and team work
  • Moving Walls – removable structures that allows totally to configure and reconfigure an office just in a few minutes
  • ABSTRACTA – acoustic protection modules and space creators within a working space.

Our commitment is to enlarge our offer, having differentiator products, with quality and innovative projects that follow market trends, with the aim to create work spaces made to meet the companies constant needs.


AGILE started its activity in 2008 with just one person making office design projects and selling some units of Herman Miller chairs.

In 2014, due to the work done so far, it was possible to become Herman Miller’s distributor in Portugal and, as a result, the business expanded. The projects increased in number and dimension as well as the number of chairs sold. By the time AGILE OFFICE had only two workers.

Until then AGILE had its head office in Algés, but in March 2015 moved to Lisbon to Rua Castilho, 209. A broad space with the dimension to harbour an expanding business. With this change, that year was the turning point of the company, starting by the change of its name to AGILE OFFICE.

With the constant growing of projects and the increasing sales of Herman Miller’ chairs, the company management decided to enlarge its portfolio of represented brands. And so it became the Portuguese distributor of Magis, Matiazzi, TOLIX, Moving Walls, Abstracta and Ideapaint. They are all important and recognized internationally brands in the world of design. With these changes, and the new brands, the company reinforced its image and projection in the market and was able to make important projects of office renovation in Spain.

In 2017, AGILE OFFICE forced the human resources department to enlarge the team to seven people and did a strong bet in digital marketing, launching as well, the online store, the AGILE DESIGN STORE (agiledesign.store). The Agile Design Store, as expected, met and overcame all expectations. In this same year the holding THINK AGILE was created.

For the future, the company aim is to continue growing, not only by selling its brands and making more projects but also through the widening the service offer to its clients, under THINK AGILE umbrella.

THINK AGILE will have three business areas:

  • AGILE OFFICE – ergonomic chairs, furniture and office accessories
  • AGILE TRAINING – training for companies, already operating
  • AGILE DIGITAL – in development stage


Our mission is to offer private clients and companies a range of products and quality interior design projects for offices, which aims to be a collaborative and innovative solution. These solutions provide comfort, wellbeing and a good work experience in business offices or even at home, contributing to the increase of productivity.


To be a reference in office furniture and accessories markets, by the recognition of the quality of our services and the differentiation of our products.